Front Entrance Door of the House, Design Trends in 2017


The front entrance door of the house or apartment design trends in 2017 an article overview and photo set of examples, the most versatile and most modern solutions.

The design of the front door entrance in 2017 will, as always, be at the center of the overall design of the house. Front door entrances are the moment we use last, leaving the house and the first to come back. The door models proposed below are not a guarantee against entry into the house of unsolicited guests, but in terms of individuality and attachment to the overall design of the exterior housing and the landscape around the house, they are interesting examples.

At first glance, the classic view of doors consisting of horizontal wooden panels will be a more modern view with a black grip on the bottom to the top.

The door covered by the whole key sheet is successfully integrated into the ceiling and side walls of the same material.

The warm wooden panels are separated from the general view of the house by their color, but the built-in black Matt panels slightly eliminate this contrast, making the overall view of the door very original.

At first glance, a seemingly simple classic version of a door, combined with glass panels, creates the illusion of a guy’s doors in the air.

The heavy and massive doors will not look rough if there is a glass bar between the wooden parts that will be able to penetrate the room with a solar color.

In this model of doors, the glass inserts, on the contrary, prevail, advantageously singling out the door against the walls of the house, but in no way does it spoil the general view of the exterior building.

A massive door with a small size of built-in glass, in addition to a security feature, easily skips daylight.

The combination of a black glossy door with white stripes is a designer response to the black stripes of the outer track.