17 Ideas about Exterior Cladding


Wondering what is exterior cladding? Discover things about exterior cladding and whether it is suitable for the house or not.

Exterior cladding is a layer of protective materials which separates the structure of a building and the interior from the exterior elements, such as the weather. Outdoor cladding is usually consisting of not only a single material but it is a compilation of materials which have their own function in protecting exterior conditions. There are many function of putting cladding as exterior. For example, it protects a building from high or extreme temperatures. You know that global warning causes extreme temperatures so the weather can be unpredictable sometimes and that can causes damage to your building. However, if you have cladding, it is built to protect the interior from exterior temperatures by making thermal gaps which do not allow the temperatures to get through the cladding. Cladding also helps to shield the building from the wind. The materials are a compilation of great qualities which makes it able to avoid damage of the wind. It minimizes the movement of the wind because of the fastening of cladding to the structure. So, the primary function of cladding is to control the infiltration of weather elements.

Exterior Cladding Types

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Exterior cladding is usually made of wood, metal, vinyl and other materials. There are some types of outdoor cladding which you can choose. In choosing the types, you have to pick the one which is suitable for the climate around you. The first type of cladding is stucco. Stucco can be used straightly to bricks to provide weatherproofing coat which protects a wall’s structure. In stucco, there are different textures which you can pick as well. Such as patterned stucco, it is smooth stucco which can be created to produce various patterns. If you like stucco types for cladding, you should not design this by yourself because it is not something easy or suitable for amateurs. There will be great plastering skills needed to do this in order to have the best results.

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If you choose this type of exterior cladding, you also need to pay attention to the weather when you apply it. It is best for you to avoid extreme weather condition which can affect stucco patch and reduce the life span. Another type for cladding is green cladding. Green cladding is suitable for you who wish to have green house or who already have green house. You can apply this for your exterior. The material is commonly reclaimed wood. The material of green cladding is usually recycled that is why this is perfect for green house owners. For example aluminum cladding material is made of recycled aluminum rather than a virgin source.

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To conclude, cladding is the right choice for those who live in the extreme weather areas. The cladding can protect your building from such condition; moreover, it can make your building last longer. Cladding is able to protect you from worse than cats and dogs rain or the wind. There are some types of exterior cladding as well, you can choose which one is best for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best of them for your style!