Excellent Guide: How Much to Remodel a Bathroom Exactly?


A bathroom is one of the spaces in the house that often requires maintenance. It is reasonable because it is used more often than other rooms. Also, the room is associated with water that can cause mold and other impurities. When you ask about how much to remodel a bathroom, then the answer will vary. It depends on several things.

Excellent Guide: How Much to Remodel a Bathroom Exactly?

A survey conducted by National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) shows that most of the respondents who have remodeled bathrooms; they spent about $10.000-$29.999. In 2016, the average homeowners pay $11.364 to remodel their bathroom. With a record, 20 percent is the cost of labor. The costs incurred by homeowners in remodeling the bathrooms are entirely different from one person to another. It is influenced by several things.

Things that Affect How Much Money to Remodel the Bathroom

It deals with a few steps to find out how much money you need to have a dream bathroom. Here are the necessary steps:

  1. What kind of dreamy bathroom design do you want?

There are many styles of the bathroom that you can choose from contemporary, modern, minimalist, and so forth. Before making a decision, it is better for you to think about what you want from your new bathroom later.

  1. Do you want to remodel it in large or small quantities?

The size of the bathroom you will repair does not affect how much to remodel a bathroom. Many homeowners spend the cost for about $9.000 to remodel their bathroom. However, it could be more if you fix things a lot. The tip is to focus on the little things, but it will have a significant impact. If your budget is small, focus on functional items.

For example, it is better to have new fixtures and faucets instead of replacing a new bathroom and shower. If your tub is yellow or crusty, just clean it up without having to buy a new one unless you have a supply of funds to do so.

  1. Do you plan to do it yourself or need experts?

Initially, you think it might be much less if you do it yourself. It does not matter if you can do it. It means you have the ability to produce well. However, if not, consider using a professional to get maximum results.

Remember that in the bathroom there is a plumbing, electrical, large appliance installation, and even harsh chemicals that if not handled correctly, they will hurt your wallet. By hiring a professional, you will save time and money. Besides, you will get away from dizzy for thinking about it.

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