The Easy Ways to Whitewash Bathroom Vanity


To whitewash bathroom vanity is one of the best choices that you can do when you need to renew the surface of your vanity. It can be done to make the surface of the vanity look clean and bright when all of the surfaces have a white color. In some moments to spend in a bathroom, a white color can be the best choice to apply because it will create a clean and bright impression. So, consider whitewashing your vanity well to give you more comfortable feeling every time you go into the bathroom.

The Easy Ways to Whitewash Bathroom Vanitywhitewash bathroom vanity white design ideas plans washed oak diy how to a

Then, talking about to whitewash bathroom vanity, there are several ways which you can do easily. Here they are:

  1. Take off hardware

The first thing that you can do to simplify you in whitewashing your vanity is to remove all hardware attached to it. It is suggested because the existences of hardware will make the process of whitewashing does not work well. Also, there is some hardware and almost all hardware which are not good to be exposed a kind of paint. So, make sure that all hardware has been removed before doing whitewashing.

  1. Clean the surface

Before whitewashing process is begun, it is also necessary for you to clean the sanity’s surface first. It is needed because any dirt like dust will make the result of whitewashing not good. It will make the white color look less bright when the paint on the vanity’s surface is mixed with the dust in the whitewashing process. Therefore, make it clean first is the right beginning before giving paint.

  1. Paint

The last way of whitewashing process is to attach the paint. To do it, you should be careful of your movements. Make sure that you paint in the same direction of moving your brush. Thus, the result of the painting will be smooth.

Considering that a bathroom is one of the rooms which is always visited by the owners, to make it look beautiful is important. To support the beauty, it is better also to make it bright and look fresh. Thus, it will be so appropriate if you decide to whitewash your bathroom vanity.

Furthermore, when you decide to whitewash bathroom vanity, don’t forget always to preserve it well. it is suggested not to put it near the spot in which water splashes often go there because water is not great to make the vanity’s surface durable when water always drop there.