DIY Wooden Shelves: 5 Simple Ideas Original and Creative


Get ready to be read by a real creative impulse which will bring you to create some original furnishings and elegant at the same time: we are about to show you a selection of 5 DIY wooden shelves virtually perfect for going to embellish any corner or wall of the house.

We decided to show you some simple ideas that don’t require special skills in the implementation phase and, at the same time, can go into spaces with different styles, from modern to classic passing for industrial (we have already provided some suggestions for the recycling of hydraulic hoses) and shabby chic (find out here how to recycle shutters or old stairs for unique decoration).

diy wooden shelves

Through the picture we are going to introduce you will also discover how to create the perfect DIY wooden shelves really derisory cost if you decide to use recycled material.

5 ideas for DIY wooden shelves

DIY wooden shelf rack for book Model of DIY wood wooden shelf

Let’s start with plans for DIY wooden shelves really easy to achieve but at the same time elegant and evocative, this is purely geometric traits that make their facilities from the intersection of lines and angles their strong point. Here you can see abstract or inspired by shelves of triangles which, through special and imaginative combinations, allow you to create modern design furniture items and perfectly adaptable to any style.

We remain in geometric theme to discover simple and elegant hexagonal shaped shelves that can be made using not only of wood but also recycling sticks for a result unique to say the least. Leaving room for fantasy here are the brackets that form the word “love” or simple and evocative rectangles strategically placed in a corner.

Model of DIY wooden shelf storage small wooden shelf

If you want to create DIY wooden shelves to go to decorate the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom but you are not very familiar with Assembly here is the perfect solution: fixed shelves and composed with the aid of ropes and strings that allow a really wide range of customization for an original and dynamic aesthetic effect at the same time.

As you may have guessed realize DIY wooden shelves can be really simple if you have the right inspiration, and, before leaving, we want to inform you of cute creations designed for children’s rooms to be created using light wood and a little imagination or shelves that can turn easily into DIY candle holder.