DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror


Reclaimed wood bathroom mirror must have been a classic frame of the mirror which is made of the trash or wasting like the old wood. For many people, the old wood is useless, so they start getting rid of it. However, rather than throwing the wood out of the house, you can still make use of it by making reclaimed rustic barn wood-framed mirror.

DIY reclaimed wood mirror

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirrorreclaimed wood bathroom mirror distressed vanity framed mirrors for bath barn

Well, rather than you go buying the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror in an online shop or the local shop near your city, it would be better if you create your DIY reclaimed wood framed mirrors. Here will be explained about the steps of making the DIY wood framed mirrors.

  1. Mirror. The first step to do is to find a mirror that has not been framed yet. Make sure to know the size of the mirror so that you will know what size of the wood frame which matches the mirror. To make sure you know the size, you need to measure it by using the measuring tools.
  2. Additional equipment. Prepare the additional equipment including the saw, wall hooks, bracket, hammer, paint, etc. Cut the old wood by using the saw. Make sure you cut it into the square shape. Then, use a router; start clamping a straight edge to a scrap piece of MDF.
  3. Hold together. When you finish cutting your wood into for square pieces and have been already rooting it, you need to make them sync by holding them together. Of course, you hold them by the bracket.
  4. Attach to the wall. The last step you need to do is attaching the reclaimed wood into the wall; overlap it behind the mirror. Then, it is enough to hold everything in its place. Finally, it is up to you whether you want to paint the wood or not.

The benefits of DIY reclaimed wood

Again, rather than purchasing the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror, people prefer to create it DIY. That is because DIY reclaimed wood offers them many advantages which will be explained below.

  1. Durability. It is true that most of the reclaimed wood offered in the local shop is durable. When you do not have much money, you always start thinking about buying the cheap, unqualified one. However, if you create such a DIY reclaimed wood, you can make sure it will be qualified and last long since you, your self that makes it.
  2. Look. Having such a DIY reclaimed wood must look different; it might even seem unique because it is made of the wasting wood. Also, its design will be classical and unusual since you might design the frame in any design you want to.
  3. Installation. Well, sometimes installing the mirror frames must be the difficult thing to do alone especially by women since it is heavy. However, they may ask for their husband’s help or a friend’s help to make it easier.
  4. Affordable. Of course, having such a DIY reclaimed wood mirror must be pretty affordable because you will not spend any money except for buying the supported tools to install it. Well, for the other materials, you might not buy it since it has been available.

Well, that is all about reclaimed wood bathroom mirror; hopefully, it will be useful to anyone who wants to create the DIY reclaimed wood by her or himself.