Discovering 11 Year Old Room Ideas Girl


11 year old room ideas girl must be the necessary thing to know by people especially they who have a daughter to create such a comfortable room for not only sleeping but also for studying. Even though it is a room as for keeping her privacy, someday there will be the time comes when your child asks her friends to play in her room. As good parents, you must be able to find teen girl room ideas for designing your daughter’s room.

There are many ideas for decorating the rooms for girls existed. However, you must keep noticing that you are about to find the 11 year old room ideas girl. Of course, 11 year old girl will have a different taste of room d├ęcor from the one who is in her 17-year-old. The design must not be too cool but not also be too childlike.

Many styles for 11-year-old girl room

Here are many styles of the room that might be selected by you, which are inspired by 11 year old room ideas girl. Here the design will be mentioned as well as in the following discussion.

  • Room at a Glance. The tone-on-tone zebra wallpaper is stuck on the wall, making the room look beautiful. The size of this room style is 500 square feet (46.5 square meters). You could find many unique items such as pillow which is made of beautiful velvet. The smooth fabric makes the user feel comfortable. The colorful sofas and wall art decoration also make the room more attractive.

11 Year Old Room Ideas Girl

  • Go Girl. This room style is for an 11-year-old teen. The room had not been updated since she was about 5 or 6 years old. It is aimed to make the girl ready for the changing design scheme when she becomes a mature adult. This bedroom also features many wall decorations including picture frames, different lamp, etc. This bedroom is designed by Heather Olson of 2 Doors down Design. The price of this bed is less than USD $4000. It is a comfortable room style for your child and her friends to lounge.

11 Year Old Room Ideas for Girl

  • Spot it. This room features yellow floral wallpaper, an oriental rug, twin beds and a cement-block bookcase which are both eye-catching and functional. This design is simple but a far from being cluttered, so the room must make her feel relaxed after doing many activities in school. This room style is developed by using the colorful polka-dot theme.

Best Room Ideas 11 Year Old Girl

Things to ponder in choosing 11-year-old room ideas

For getting best 11 year old room ideas girl, you have to decide many things which will be explained below.

  • Color becomes an important thing which may show the personality of people including the teenagers. Use bright colors for painting your girl teen room. That will be better if you ask for your daughter’s selection so that you will not make a mistake.
  • It’s hard for your children to clean their room. Therefore, storage will be the way to save or store their needs including their clothes. Make storage attractive for making it pleasing to the eye and making your children happy.
  • Decorate her room wall with many art wall decorations like wall decal, or art printed wall. You may also ask your daughter to make clip art or the other decorations for being stuck on their room wall.

Finally, by having 11 year old room ideas girl, you must be able to create such a great bedroom for your lovely daughter so that they might be happy