30+ Ideas for Dining Room Lighting


Different setting of the lighting will have different look and also different atmosphere, too. When you see some pictures on the magazine about some ideas of dining room lighting, the ideas that come out are mostly soft, warm and calm look. For helping you decide the lighting option for the dining room, here we are going to give a hand.

The Dining Room Lighting Options

As stated before, there are some ideas of dining room lighting that will make a different look for the entire dining room.

  1. Chandeliers are a lighting option that provides a classic atmosphere that can be hung over the table as a source of light. If you prefer using oldies type of the chandeliers, the glass droplets chandelier is more preferable. For those modern lovers, chandelier also comes in modern type with lots of finishes such as an antique bronze. If you have already had one, repainting will give you a new look.
  2. Wall sconces were also considered as one of the ideas of dining room lighting. It shows soft glow into your single walls. There are lots of choices of wall sconces you can pick one.
  3. The other ideas are using lamps and rope lighting. In using lamp, the main advantage is that it can be combined with every style that you want to, every different color and every place too. It will be better if you have measured the exact measurement so that the installation of the lamps will not too high or too low. In order to create a symmetrical look, you can locate each lamp on the end of every serving piece.

For the rope lighting, it is a subtle option that can dress the entire area up. It is also flexible to be moved here and there.