Being a Designer of Wall Unit in the Kitchen


You can actually be a designer of wall unit in the kitchen on your own. Although buying the wall unit from home furniture store is way more practical, but making it by yourself can give a feeling of satisfaction. Moreover, it can make you love being in the kitchen even more. To work on it, however, you will need a partner to avoid time-consuming. Here we go.

How to Be a Designer of Wall Unit in the Kitchen

  1. Find wall unit design inspirations

Designer of Wall Unit in the Kitchen

To begin with, you need as many references as possible. To speed up the selection process, try to find designs that possibly match with your kitchen theme. Searching from the internet is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to do this. You will be led to hundreds of pictures in which one or two of them suit the theme of your kitchen. Well, that’s an amateur designer of wall unit in the kitchen should do.

  1. Make a sketch

After finding the most suitable design of kitchen’s wall unit, the next step is to make a simple drawing of it. It will be easier if you find one most suitable design. However, if you find two or more than that, you have two options. Choose one among them or combine them into one single wall unit. Either way, make the sketch or drawing as simple as possible. As you do this, do not forget to measure the height and width of your kitchen wall, so you can estimate the right size of wall unit.

  1. Prepare the materials

The next step of being a designer of wall unit in the kitchen is preparing the materials such as wood, nail or staple gun, paint brush, trim, wood glue, drywall screws, and so on. If you are on a budget, buy the cheap yet good materials to prevent you from renovating it due to damage. As you have started preparing, make a complete list of what to buy. Therefore, the process of making wall unit can go fluently.

  1. Work on the design

This is the most decisive moment of being an autodidact designer of wall unit in the kitchen. In this step, all you will have to do is cutting the wood, marking the wood, assembling the cabinet, installing the shelf dividers, trimming out, securing the shelves, and adding wood to the back of the unit. Since there are many things to do, you should get a partner to help you finishing the design as soon as possible. Tell your partner what he or she needs to assist, and do it together. You will still need his or her help when installing the wall unit to the kitchen.

  1. Install the wall unit

The final process is obviously installing the wall unit on the kitchen’s wall. Draw a straight line before installing to get the unit installed properly. You will need a screw in the installation process.

When all the steps are done, you should congratulate yourself for successfully being an autodidact designer of wall unit in the kitchen.