Extravagance Designer Bathrooms


The reason why bathroom’s another nickname is ‘restroom’ is because this particular area of the house is use for resting and relaxing. Enjoying the romantic view from outside the window while bubble-bathing is just another reason. But these designer bathrooms designs take sightseeing while bubble bathing issue to another level – or should we say, to a luxurious level?

What Designer Bathrooms Really Means

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It is a design of a bathroom which reflects a five star luxury bathroom style you often see in a five star hotel or well, in designer houses. The design of the bathroom is supposed to be extravagance or if the term extravagance is too much, we may just call it luxurious, which actually invoke a slight different meaning. Designer bathrooms en-suite will cost you a great amount of money. Because, with a luxurious display comes expensive bathroom essentials. Yet the result of the enhancement will obviously worth the cash. Regarding about how to get this high-priced look, there are many bathroom design specialists you can find either online or offline. Whichever specialists you hire, the design comes from you, therefore it is better for you to have a depiction of what kind of design you want to create to reflect your personal style.

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Usually designer bathrooms designs are made simple, yet elegance and of course luxurious. The color which symbolizes both simplicity and elegance is white or shade of white; therefore many choose this color to be applied to their five star bathrooms plans. Another particularity of this bathroom type is the glass partition shower which is visible from both sides, depicting its simplicity idea. Plus, other decorations such as painting, pot plants and wrought iron light fixtures add more values to its elegance.

Designer Bathrooms Furniture

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Just like ordinary bathrooms, this kind of bathroom needs furniture as well. Indeed luxurious bathroom has more space to be filled in. But, too much furniture will ruin the essence of its expensive values. Hence, try not too overwhelmed when buying bathroom goods. Because the goal of having a five star bathing room established is to have a spacious area. So, always remember to buy things you needed the most. Such as the shower which is available in various style. You may want to consider buying a twin rail showers for your designer bathrooms design. Twin rail shower has two shower heads, the big one which is high above your head and its purpose is for shampooing, and the small one for when you feel like not washing your hair.

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Adding other bathroom furniture such as vanities, mirrors, vessel sinks or bathroom tower is essential to make your bathroom highlighted. In other words, decide the material of the vanities, choose between single or double sink and install multiple layers of lighting are highly recommended to do regarding you will be the who enjoy the magnificent features of designer bathrooms design. Primarily, having a luxurious bathroom is optional, highly depends on your style and budget. Because the way it is created is reflecting the luxurious life style you are adopting.


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