Top 10 Custom Shower Stalls in 2017


Decorating your home is an important moment for every couple. The furniture is not only in the choice of quality materials but also in a practical factor. In the following steps you will find a practical and useful guide to choosing the most suitable custom shower stalls for your bathroom. The custom shower stall is essential for when you have little time to take off the weight of the day. The custom shower stalls, besides being nice, must also be spacious and practical to clean, but find out all the tips continuing to read.

2. Take the right measures

The first thing to do in absolute, before choosing the shower cubicle, which suits your bathroom, is to take the measures of the shower tray, if already present. If the shower tray has not yet been installed, then you will have to take very good measures of the space where you will want to install your shower. Usually the shower stall is installed in a corner of the bathroom, but this is certainly not an obligation. If your intention is to install a shower enclosure along the wall, simply make sure that the drains are at your fingertips and that the bathroom space is sufficiently large to allow the passage freely.

3. Choose the material

The cabin of the box will have to be perfectly compatible with the size and shape of the shower tray that you will have installed in the bathroom. Calculate the most suitable measures and choose the shape of the box (square base, rectangular base, wedge based and so on) there will be nothing more than choosing the material more suited to your needs and your tastes. During the selection, always keep the type of furniture in the bathroom. If for example, it is a simple bathroom service, you can choose a classic acrylic shower enclosure, certainly much cheaper and practical.

4. Select the closing of the shower enclosure

In case you have to choose the shower box for the main bathroom and you would like to choose a particularly elegant and valuable box, then you could certainly opt for the box formed by tempered glass slabs. The walls of this type of box can be perfectly transparent and satin, but also painted or printed. Tempered glass is very safe material because, in the unfortunate case of rupture, it shatter in many fragments, but without any risk of cutting in any way. Once you have chosen the material of the box, you will not have to choose the opening of the doors: You can choose between sliding doors, pivoting, double door openings, those with curved side and doors with full opening.

During the selection of the custom shower stalls, always consider a space necessary to manage all the accessories and the bathroom comfortably.