How to Choose Curtain Pattern


Creating your own drapery sewing patterns will save you some money and show interesting sides. Discover how easy drapery sewing pattern.

Drapery sewing patterns are various and have many models, from the easiest one to the most difficult one. You can actually make your own pattern for your curtain and it will save you a lot of money; moreover, the pattern will be able to show your personality through them. For example, if you love something unique, you can try to make unique patterns which people have never seen before. You can be creative on the patter and people will see how much effort that you have put in making the pattern.

Curtains are important parts of the house because it can add the look of the space. For example, your living room is very simple and plain, but if you add floral curtain, it will totally bring a whole different look to your living room. As you know, sewing patterns for curtain are various, now you will be explained about the easy pattern so you can try to make it yourself. The first is valances. Valances are one of the easiest pattern that you can sew yourself but will bring a huge change to your room. The design is very simple, the curtain is straight except the top design of curtain, it is curled or wrinkle. This type of pattern is usually very short and is only for covering the top part of your window.

Another easy sewing pattern for you curtain is scalloped valances. This type of pattern is very neat and very great if it is used for screen doors. This pattern brings an atmosphere of vintage or classic, especially if you choose the white color. Scalloped valances pattern are a little bit more difficult to create than the usual valances pattern. This pattern has ruffles or curves and the top of it is only a straight line. The pattern can make your screen doors or windows look larger and they actually are because they are very neat and raise the rod.

So, there are several easy sewing patterns that you know now. From now on, you can create and sew your curtain on your own. You will save yourself some money and be creative. Moreover, you can have and sew whatever pattern that you like which can represents your personality and bring it to the house. The pattern of curtain may seem unimportant and people do not really pay attention to it; however, it can bring different atmosphere to the room and change the look with drapery sewing patterns.