Breathtaking Creative Recycling Ideas for Chairs


When you have creative ideas to create something from used goods, it is not only useful for you, but also the environment. Of course, your creation will reduce the amount of garbage. Have you ever thought some creative recycling ideas for chairs? It sounds awesome, isn’t it? Imagine there will be some unique, eccentric, and unusual chairs in your living room, garden, or even bedroom and they are handmade! Haven’t got any ideas? Here are some unbelievable DIY chairs made from recycled goods that make you amazed.

Easy Creative Recycling Ideas for Chairs

  • Simple Chic Old-Tires Chairs

Simple Chic Old-Tires Chairs

You will be surprised seeing these creative recycling ideas for chairs. Maybe, you never thought that these old tires can be recycled into such creative and unique chairs. They can be comfortable as well. There are several types of chairs can be made from used tires. Here, you will have an inspiration to create 2 types of old tires chairs. The first type, you combine used tires with woods for the chair legs. Install the lumbers to the tires with nails. The old tires for the seat should be sewed with ropes first to allow you to sit on it. The rope is strong enough and it gives a unique bouncing sensation. If it is possible, you can install the thinner tires for the back of the chairs.

The second type of old-tires chairs is simpler since they don’t need any legs. They are suitable for living room chairs, terrace chairs, and garden chairs. You will need tire for making a chair. Paint the tires with bright colored paint, such as yellow, orange, green, or red. Then, just apply seating pad and add decorative cushion to make it nicer and more comfortable.

  • Simple and Easy Swing Chair

Creative Recycling Ideas for Chairs

Another sample of creative recycling ideas for chairs is this simple swing chair. Just by providing some lumbers, cloth, and ropes, you will have a comfortable swing chair. It looks so simple, but it is study enough to support your body, as long as you are not obese. It is really suitable to relax and laze. You can install it in your bedroom, balcony, or veranda.

  • Old-Bathtub Chair

Old-Bathtub Chair

A cracked old bathtub can be turned into a comfortable antique sofa. Cut one side until it forms a basin. Then, install a thick mattress. It already looks comfortable to sit on it. Just apply some comfortable cushions or throw pillows to cover the back. So, they form a comfortable backrest. This chair is useful for outdoor or garden chair.

  • Old Crates Chairs

Old Crates Chairs

This is one more “crazy” idea of creative recycling ideas for chairs. It must be beyond your thoughts. Who ever thought that the old crates can be turned into unique and adorable garden chairs? You only need some crates in different colors. Install a wooden board on each crate mouth. Finally, you have some simple and chic colorful low profile chairs for your garden decor.

Some people tend to throw away their used goods they think useless. It is a time to be a “trend setter” for creative recycling ideas for chairs. The unique chairs made of used goods have art values that other people might notice.