Creative Ideas of Stunning Small Backyard Oasis


The existence of backyard allows the air flows in balance that makes your indoor area to be cooler and fresher. You should own a peaceful paradise in you dwell to soothe the soul.  A stunning small backyard oasis that provides a combination of beautiful plants, shady resting spots, and charming outdoor furniture will be very inviting to spend a spare time, escaping from exhaustion and fatigue.  It doesn’t require a lot of money and large space. All you need is just creativity. There are plenty of creative ideas to create a perfect oasis in your small backyard.

Inspiring Small Backyard Oasis Styles

  1. English Garden with Pergola and Vine

The pergola for English garden is a perfect element for creating shady atmosphere. The scattered vines on the pergola add more beauty, providing both warm and romantic atmosphere. No matter how small your outdoor area is, this small backyard oasis style is highly recommended to be built. Have your incredibly cool space for escaping by realizing this awesome idea.

English Garden with Pergola and Vine

  1. Classic Romantic Backyard

A shady nook in the backyard with vintage furniture set surrounded with beautiful plants is really a perfect soothing outdoor space. Classic English garden concepts include a green natural arc plant, boxwood hedges, and artistic pathways can be adopted to improve a romantic feel. This small backyard oasis doesn’t require a large space but the hedges need high maintenance.

Classic Romantic Backyard

  1. Wild Terrain with Resting Spot and Pond

At a glance, this style looks like a small forest with a variety of plants. However, they are neatly and beautifully arranged. Some native vegetation will be plus points to create really “wild” impression. The pond can be made in the middle of wildflowers. Stone benches can be chosen for seating in the resting spot. They blend smoothly into the yard, while a patio umbrella provides shade with charm. All of the components blend into harmony.

Wild Terrain with Resting Spot and Pond

  1. Tropical Backyard Oasis with Small Pool

This small oasis style involves a low wooden deck and small gazebo around the lawn. The small pool is installed in the wooden deck. Soaking in this small pool while enjoying outdoor air will soothe and refresh your mind.

Tropical Backyard Oasis with Small Pool

  1. Rustic Desert Backyard

It seems to be the simplest and cheapest small backyard oasis that doesn’t require high maintenance since lawn is not necessary. It is a good concept to utilize a dry and long neglected backyard. Instead of growing grasses for lawn, you’d better turn it into a small “desert”. You only need to grow some decorative plants in pots for decorating along the edge of your backyard.

Rustic Desert Backyard

Considering the benefits of backyard, you can start thinking about a better dwell with such a beautiful outdoor area for contemplating. Don’t hesitate to hire an expert to design and landscape your backyard since it is a long-term investment for you and your family. Some ideas about small backyard oasis styles above can be great references for you who plan to “revive” the backyard area no matter how small it is.