Creating Your Barn Door For Bathroom


Barn door for bathroom nowadays seems a fun trend for the bathroom.  This is because it gives us a new look. Usually, barn doors in a modern indoor design reflect some old buildings, farmhouse and historical thing. You can create it by yourself or just use from your old barn with some additional touching. Most of the barn doors are made of wood. Some can be found with glasses design. So you can start by using wood to make it. You can try to create sliding barn door to strengthen the modern look. Here some way to make your barn door, especially for your bathroom.

Barn Door For Bathroom Unique Barn Door For Bathroom White Barn Door For Bathroom

The preparation to get your new barn door for bathroom is simple enough. You can get the door either from your barn or create by yourself. If you can get it from the old barn, the thing you need to do is clean it up and check if the quality is still good. After you clean it up, you can do some modifications if it’s needed. If you think the door is applicable, you can start to apply it in your bathroom. Ask for help if you can’t do it alone.

But if you don’t have a barn, you can create by your way. You just need some woods and supportive tools such as nails and other basic woodworking tools. Make the door that looks like barn door but suits with the bathroom door size. And if it’s done, you can apply as your new bathroom door.  But it’s all not enough; there is final touching.

Final touching

Barn door for bathroom that you made needs final touching, especially the color. If you want some old natural color, you can choose the classic colors such as brown. Sometimes, the combination of few colors with right natural design can help you make it looks like a real barn door. But if you bored with the usual color, try to apply some old blue color. You don’t need to paint the whole door’s part. Leave some random small points to give old door’s look. In the other hand, if you don’t want to add some color because you like it as it is, you also need some final touching. Use some wood cares treatment that can protect the woods from the wet condition. When it’s done, you can enjoy your new barn door for bathroom.

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