DIY Cordless Roman Shade Kit with Stylish Look


Cordless roman shade kit is one of home accessories that are very useful for anyone who needs a blanket for a window or door curtains. Cordless roman shade is very useful for windows or glass door. Discover how to make cordless roman shade with its kit. Wireless color can be used as alternative to curtains. Instead of using curtains, you can use it to cover Your screen door or window. Actually easier to use than use curtains and also more effective. Green color without cable is a new innovation in systems and operations to any window or glass or can be seen. If you want to have it, you can do it yourself and by doing so, you can save the budget rather than buy them at home depot.

If you would like to make cordless roman shade which has roller lift system, the first thing that you ought to do is buy the kit, this way you will not be confused in collecting the stuffs because inside the kit, you will receive a complete package. After that, you need to measure the space where you want to put the cordless roman shade, whether it is on the window or door. The instructions are usually put inside the kit, so you can read the detailed instructions.

Since you would like cordless roman shade with roller system, now you need to create the roller system first. After you have finished making the roller system, now it is time for you to install the cordless roman shade to your window or screen door. You can choose whether to put it in the back side of the window or door, or in the front side of the window or door. The most common one is put in the back side of window or door. Now, you need to attach the cordless roman shade with the roller system. After everything is finished, you need to roll the shade to see if you have installed them correctly and it works.

In conclusion, this kind of kit is need for those who wants to make it. The kit is very complete because you will find the materials and also the detailed instructions. You only need to follow the instructions inside the kit properly so that you will be able to make it successfully. Cordless roman shade kit is very useful for blocking the light and also heat. This can be an alternative for any of you who refuse to use the old style curtain. Therefore, you will be satisfied with this cordless roman shade kit.