Ceiling Fans for Kid Rooms Ideas


Building ceiling fans for kid rooms is easy. The hardest part is to find the right ceiling fan that suits with the kid’s favorite things. Every kid has their interest, and a ceiling fan can be design related to their stuff.

There are many ideas to build the ceiling fans that suit the kid himself. If you want to create ceiling fan for kids, then you must determine their gender first. All of us know that the favorite things between girl and boy are so different. Here, we will give the idea about the ceiling fans design to help you decide the right one.

Ceiling Fans for Kids Room

For boy

If you already knew the things that your little boy likes, then decide to think about it. For example, if your son likes football then create soccer ball ceiling fan. You can put the ball design in the middle of the fan. It’s also applicable if his favorite thing is basket ball. You can use the basket ball mini design as the center of the fan.

It is different if his favorite thing is a plane. You can modify the center of the fan as the head of the plane. You can also build the whole body of the plane in a small size and put the head that has a fan in the bottom. It will be so fun if you can modify the color as he likes. Most favorite colors are including red and blue.

ceiling fan kids room for boys

If you don’t know your son’s favorite things, you can build the general one. You can choose the general design of ceiling fan that has kid things design such as cars and animals. A general ceiling fan without the kid things also fine, you just need to think about the color. The Even general design of ceiling fans can be the best ceiling fans for kid rooms.

For girl

The design for a girl mostly focuses on the color. The color such as pink, purple, light blue, and color combination is the girl’s favorite color. If you don’t know your daughter’s favorite thing, then you can ask about her favorite color. The design can be decided later.

If your daughter likes flower, then you can make the ceiling fan that looks like a blooming flower. Design this bloom flower fan with the color that your little girl wants. Pink, smooth pink and purple can be the best choice, but it all depends on your little girl.

ceiling fan kids room for girl

Other ceiling fans for kid rooms ideas for a girl are quorum pinwheel and balloon ceiling fan. They are suitable for any girl and can be modified too. To adjust it to the daughter’s room, you just need to change the color that suits with her room. You can even paint it with butterfly, flower, lady bug and flower plants.

The key is that you understand your kid’s favorite thing or color. It will give you the idea the true ceiling fans for kid rooms that suitable with your kids.