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What Degree does an Interior Designer Need

What Degree does an Interior Designer Need? The Requirements about the Educational Background

What Degree does an Interior Designer Need

Do you know what kind of education or major that you will have to take when you want to be a professional interior designer? You probably wonder, wait, what degree does an interior designer need? And do we really have to go to school for it? Well, yes. Although you may have the natural knacks to plan an interior layout and design, a formal education is still needed. What type of degree you need depends on the type of education you take.

What Degree Does an Interior Designer Need? Understanding the Basic

Most people think that you only need to have the talents and the skills to be a professional interior designer but it takes more than that. Having a natural talent will certainly help but getting the formal education will expand your knowledge and guide you in the right path. If you want to be a professional designer, what you should do?

  1. Know the Basic

So, what degree does an interior designer need and how is it related to the work? You see, working as an interior designer is more than just mixing and matching the room theme, layout, and color. It is about managing the room as the clients’ want while distributing the work to the right providers. You will have to own a specific channel connecting you to contractors, plumbers, electricians, and many more. It may surprise you but you need to have a good managerial skills as well as good communication ability. If you only rely on your ability to mix and match the room, your business won’t last. You will be dealing with the room and the existing items as well as the human counterparts.

  1. Know the Education

Not all states require the interior designer to have a formal educational background. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to have it, anyway. What degree does an interior designer need? Well, it depends. If you take the associate degree, you will spend around two or three years for the study. If you take the bachelor degree, you may spend four to five years. Most people say that having the bachelor degree is a must but that’s not always the case. The associate degree is mostly enough for the work.

  1. Know Further Steps

Keep in mind that becoming a professional designer isn’t as easy as you think. Let’s say that you take an associate degree, which takes around 3 years to complete. And then you still need to work as an intern or an apprentice that may take a year or two. The years will be longer if you decide to take a master degree or a specialized degree. But if you are able to combine the long years of experience with the higher degree, good chances that you will earn more. So, if there is a question about what degree does an interior designer need, the answer depends on your personal needs. Do you want a higher degree or are you satisfied with the minimum requirement only?

The total year will add up when you decide to get your own certification or license. In most cases, you need to have a certain education standard with at least two years of experience. So, what degree does an interior designer need? It depends on your own preference and requirements, for sure.

interior and spatial designer

What Can You Do with an Interior Design Certificate? Check the Answers

Some asked, what can you do with an interior design certificate? Actually, what is interior design certificate to begin with? As you enroll to a formal education in interior design, usually if according to your college or institution that it comes with a certificate, then you will get that interior design will be a passing ticket for you to the interior design world. The certificate means that you will have a vast choice of technical and creative skills, and it guaranteed a preparation before your career in interior design as well as ensuring chances and opportunities ahead. There are some jobs that will be easier to reach by interior designer. Check it out!

What Can You Do With and Interior Design Certificate, As In, What Jobs Are Available For You?

  1. Interior and spatial designer

interior and spatial designer

This is the classic answer of “What can you do with an interior design certificate?” and disputably, the first choice for those who hold the interior design certificates themselves. Being an interior and spatial designer means you are required to be able to synergize architectural knowledge, creative design skill and also, project management. This job is within the design and renovation of indoor places, such as furnishings, fixtures, fittings, structural alterations, color schemes and lighting. It will let you be able to experience working and utilizing a space in the most efficient way—but also with the beautiful design. Many of the designers actually get more attracted to the appearance rather than making efficient design.

  1. Exhibition designer

Exhibition designer

This is another example of what can you do with an interior design certificate. You will be able to have projects on exhibitions such as galleries and museums, cultural exhibitions or even commercial exhibitions that will endorse certain brands and house several conferences within. Your certificate actually ensure that you are talented in aesthetic, yet practical and aligned with the desire from the client without exceeding the budget and the space allocated. This means that exhibition designer is loved because it keeps communicating with the client or else they will feel bad if it doesn’t suit the client’s taste.

  1. Production designer

Production designer

A little bit straying from the orthodox, this is also one of the most popular choice of what can you do with an interior design certificate. The designer will be involved in other art mediums such as film, theatre or television productions. The responsibility lies on the visual conception; designing and deciding on the aesthetic of sets, graphics, lighting, camera angles, props and even costumes. This will also give production designer a close relationship with the director and the producer. The way that production designer works is that after the whole team decided on a concept, the production designer will try to come up with designing ideas that actually match the concept.

Some producers and directors find compatibility with certain production designers because they just match in the art, and most likely will be hired again and again for the next projects. This is one of the things of what can you do with an interior design certificate, so good luck and be the best interior designer!

Types of Desks

Types of Desks for Home Working People

Types of Desks

People nowadays don’t have to spend their entire hour working at office. In fact, there are thousands of people choose to work at home. Regarding to this, home working people are usually overwhelmed by types of desks for their home office. If you’re currently dealing with this problem, here are some desk types you can consider for home office.

Deciding Types of Desks for Home Offices

  1. Knowing Your Room Space

If you don’t have enough space for home office, don’t worry as wall mounted or floating desks can be your solution. These desks are attached to the wall, so you can save the space for a chair. You can even place these desks at any directions in your house. It can be in the corner or in the center of the room. Otherwise, if you have a spacious room for home office, you should consider L-shaped credenza as the other types of desks. This one is fairly large, so you can put anything on it, including laptop, books, documents, desk lamp, and even your favorite action figures or simply a pot plant.

  1. Personality Traits

If you are someone who is easily bored, and totally wants to have a new atmosphere for home office, you can consider working outdoor. Yes, you might need a shelter especially in daylight to avoid sunscreen. That’s why you can get a hooded desk for this. This item is made of pine wood, so it is light to carry. Besides, the “hoodie” only comes out if you want to. You can optimize it yourself. If you work at night and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the stars above you, then you can hide the “hoodie”. Furthermore, the previous types of desks might not suit if you are a neat freak. If don’t really like to see things on your desk after finishing the work, a treasury desk is perfect for you. It is basically a desk with multi storage drawers. So, you can keep your work stuff inside the storage drawers once you have finished working.

  1. Current Job Position

The other ideal types of desks for your home office are executive desks and writing desks. Of course, executive desks are the perfect choice only if you are a boss. This one is an exclusive desk set with loads of drawer. Besides, the models are favorable for vintage lovers regarding to the color and design. On the other hand, as the name suggests, writing desk is a worthy desk for writers. It is simply because the desk only fits a laptop, some books along with office stationery, and a cup of tea or coffee. However, if you are not a writer but still want this desk, nobody can say “No” about it.

So, have you decided which desk is worth having for your home office? Whatever types of desks you will choose, you must consider the room space first. You don’t want to move the other home furniture because of an office desk, right? If you have dropped an option among those options, then happy working!

Starting an Interior Design Business

Tips for Starting an Interior Design Business

Starting an Interior Design Business

Someone may come up with two common plans after having finished the studies in design, especially in interior design. The first is applying to work for an architectural firm or home furnishing company. The second is starting an interior design business. In starting the business in the world of design, you need a well-planned strategy to get a successful execution. In order to do well on the business, here are some insights to know before getting your hands on this.

The Steps to Starting an Interior Design Business

  1. Building identity of the business

Any product or service of business needs a name to be recognized. Start with the name, the logo, and tagline of your own business. You can derive the name from your own name, some letters of it, or the abbreviation. The logo should be catchy yet and have a philosophical value, while the tagline of your business should be a phrase representing the service you have to offer very well. After these stuffs are set, you may start to build a website. If you are not familiar enough to do it on your own, try to ask for a hand from a friend or a digital advertising agency

Building identity of the business

  1. Charging your service

In starting an interior design business, charging what your services are worth is the most challenging and confusing hurdle you might face. Set the tone from the beginning, so you can calculate how many hours you will work on the project. The rate will always depend on the location and the need of the clients, but you can start the rate from 70 to 75 USD per hour. That is fair and accurate rate because your ability to intellectualize and unite thing is what the clients pay you for.

Charging your service

  1. Building online portfolios

The website you have set should be your showcase of the works or projects well-done. These online portfolios are good hooks to get you a potential project or client when starting an interior design business. Besides your portfolios, there should be a special page for your curriculum vitae. This should tell the visitors about all of important skills and aspects that your potential might be concerned about, such as your education, your experiences as presentation skills, creativity, specialties, problem-solving, passion, excitement, and negotiation. They can be the determiners whether the client will find you most likely fitting and potential to handle the project with a success expected.

Building online portfolios

  1. Using Social Media

Besides website, social media can be taken advantage of to promote and sell your services when starting an interior design business. Make use of the social media feature such as photo-sharing or video-sharing to get people attention. Make social networks as many as possible to stand a great chance to be checked out by the potential clients. One more helpful feature of social media holds is the paid promotion service. This can help your business spread out to the larger audience.

Using Social Media

Starting an interior design business is a good option to start or detour your career in the house of design.

Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Should I Hire an Interior Designer? 5 Reasons to Consider

Having your own house is an incredible achievement which everyone else might wish to have. Once you make it comes true, completing it with all of charms and comforts is necessary. But, designing a house is not a simple effort. You might question “why should I hire an interior designer?” The simplest answer is, “yes”. Hiring an interior designer is a brilliant decision to take if you expect to get the best performance of home interior by investing your money in the right way.

Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

An interior designer is able to serve all you need related to home performance. It is really reasonable if you don’t know how to get started to create home a design since maybe you’ve got your own business. Here where you need a service from a professional interior designer. Don’t ever think that hiring an interior designer is only for successful businessmen, celebrities, and upper class society. In fact, hiring an interior design will save money, time, and get rid of your confusion. So, no doubt any longer of your question “should I hire an interior designer?”

Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

  1. You’ve Got A Vision But Can’t Realize It

You already have some ideas and you question “should I hire an interior designer?” You might face this condition. For example, you example, you have a crush on a particular sofa but you are not sure if it fits in the living room or areas where you are planning to place it. Actually, there is no something wrong or right to make a home design. It is your own home. But, a home should be functional and able to serve the owners’ needs.

  1. You Need to Save Money and Time

If you think that you get nothing while you’ve spent money and time, it means a fresh new prefix is needed.  A design is a collaboration process between the owner’s ideas and interior designers’. Interior designers will offer professional opinions and outlook. They will tell what looks good or not. In addition, they will help you stay on budget and save time. They really understand where to go how to pursue for resources all things related to your home design. Therefore, you don’t have to search any longer.

  1. Availability of Resources and Connection

An interior designer has more access to particular resources than general public have. By hiring an interior designer, the availability of resources will be guaranteed to fulfill the needs of home design. Besides wider opportunity of resources, an interior designer has more connections to the home improvement industries. Therefore, it is obviously profitable since an interior designer is able to identify the experts needed such as plumber, contractor, electrician, etc.

  1. Full of Consideration Based on Knowledge

Interior designers are well trained to think about all details that you might neglect such as a placement of sofa in the living room, right lighting fixture, the existence of power outlet, and other details were ignored before but were very important. So, are you still thinking and asking “should I hire an interior designer?”

Interior design for apartment and house is a long-term investment. So, don’t hesitate to hire a professional interior designer to get the best home performance. Your question of “should I hire an interior designer” for now or future has been answered with “yes, you should”.