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modern garden pond fish design

Modern Garden Pond Designs

Garden pond designs become the important thing which you need to create before you are going to make a pond. Adding a pond to your house is such a great idea to beautify the appearance of your house. However, you need to consider many things first before building the real pond. Not only the pond design, but you need to mention some influenced elements, too. They may be the materials, the house style, and the price details. Today, we are going to discuss the pond design more detailed.

Mostly, the architects are creating garden pond designs to make or draw plans for what the garden pond to be. By having a pond design, you could find the clear plan about adding some ornament, features, reflection, etc. Also, you could build the one which will match perfectly with the design of your own house. Having such a right pond design must be helpful for you to maximize your house garden’s beauty.

Things to mention about garden pond designs

If you are about to create garden pond designs, you need to pay attention to some things, too. Here are things you have to consider quite right before having a pond design.

1. Modern house

modern garden pond fish designIf your house is a modern house, let you consider having Italian garden pond design. In Italian design, there will rarely be flowers or plants will exist except some in the surrounding pond. Well, the Italian pond design is created perfectly for making a plain look to the main pond. In the other word, this design is just for a supported pond. Though it is not for the main pond, this supported Italian pool design is still important. It may surprisingly strengthen the European atmosphere for the garden.

2. Classical house

modern garden pond fish classical house designIf your house is traditional or classical like using the Japanese style, for instance, let you choose the Asian theme. Let you consider using the natural materials instead of the human-made ones. Let you think of replacing the use of brick with the big stones. Adding many different flowers and plants might be best. Remember, you need to make the pond natural. Do not ‘overdo’ the pond. It means that you must not plant so many the flowers and plants which may hide the pond itself.

3. Freestyle design mode

modern garden freestyle design modeIf you want your pond looks unique and different, you should think of making the freestyle pond design. Mostly, this type of pond will have such a rich architectural design. You might add the design of this pond with many kinds of ornamental, fountain, fish, reflection, bog, and feature. Even, it is possible for you to add the swimming ponds, too. However, to apply this freestyle pond to your house, you must think of the space, and the decoration needed. Do not forget about the watering system though.

In the end, if you are about to have garden pond designs, you need to meet the architects. That is because they are experts and have already had experiences to create the pond designs.

Backyard Pathways Designs

Great Ideas for Backyard Pathways Designs

Backyard pathways designs become the important things which people need to have to make their way to the backyard easy to access and beautiful to see. By creating the pathway, your garden might seems interesting, and it also might be able to add value to your unwanted backyard which is rarely to use by anyone.

Backyard could be turned into the wonderful garden rather than you keep it uncared. Since there will be many kinds of grass, you must cut them out. As you finish preparing your backyard, you need to have garden pathways designs so that you could take a route quickly.

Feature plan and project of backyard pathways

Here will be explained more about backyard pathways designs which may be the inspiration for making the other backyard pathways’ project which is not only for gardening.

  1. Planted paths. Well, have you ever imagined that plants could be used as the paths? Rather than laying the stone or paving the cement on the ground, the plant is a perfect choice to be used as a pathway. You might not only save time but also money when you decide to select the plant pathways. Moreover, the plant will also make your garden backyard even more beautiful than before.Backyard Pathways Designs
  2. Stepping-stones. When you have such a limited budget but want to create such a pathway, you might go for stepping-stone. To create the stepping-stone pathways are accessible. It needs a short time to build this pathway because you just need a minimal digging. You might get the difficulty to bring the stones since they are heavy but once you have done covering the ground with the stones, your backyard will look attractive. Round or square concrete patio blocks must be the ideal stepping-stones for you.Stepping stones backyard
  3. Borders and edging. There are many kinds of borders and edging you can use. For the best option, steel or aluminum must be number one pathway to choose due to its crisp edge which offers a neat appearance to the path. However, it is a bit expensive. Landscape timbers, in the other hand, are the economical alternative to brick borders or stones. They must be used for building shallow steps on the sloping terrains.Borders and edging backyard
  4. Mulch and gravel. These two pathways are cheap and straightforward to construct. These two options are easy to haul and spread. Also, they are strong so that they may be able to last for years. For some areas, mulch and gravel will not be appropriate.Mulch and gravel backyard

Design on a budget

We all must know that as more complicated backyard pathways designs are, as much expensive, it will be. Here are tips for at least lowering your budget.

  • Budget preparation. It is important to do because you will know how much you will spend your money. If you are not sure about amounts of money which will be spent on, all will be unprepared well.
  • The material. The material used to remodel and to design your backyard pathways should be on purpose. Purchasing the essential feature will allow you to save your money. It is better not to spend a lot on buying the material.
  • The worker or handicraftsman. You may ask for handicraftsman’s help for designing your pathways. For a simple design, you must do it alone to avoid wasting money.
  • The pathway department or online shop. You might buy the materials of the pathway on the pathway department directly, or also in an online store. Remember to find the trusted online shop which will give you guarantee if you do not feel satisfied with the pathway’s material there.

For getting the best backyard pathways designs, you have to work hard and must be patient because it will take longer than a week.

Living Fence and Vines for

Brilliant Small Garden Design Ideas on a Budget

Small Garden Design Ideas on a Budget

A home will be more charming when it has a beautiful garden, whether front yard or backyard garden. The existence of the garden is like a core of your home, where all the fresh atmosphere and air comes from it. Many people find it hard to find right small garden design ideas on a budget. It is true that designing a small area for garden is a little challenging, but as long as you keep walking on path of small garden concept, it won’t be as difficult as what you think.

Some Elements that Should Exist to Realize Small Garden Design Ideas on a Budget

Creativity is everything in designing a garden. Here, you have to build a sense of beauty. It is possible to utilize the smallest objects around your garden as parts of landscape or garden decor. Here are some brilliant small garden design ideas on a budget to inspire you.

  1. Living Fence and Vines for

Growing and maintaining living fence can be a great way to increase the beauty as well as enhance the privacy of the yard; especially it is a front yard.  A number of references for small garden design ideas on a budget recommend dwarf trees as a living wall or living fence. It can be formed by applying standard techniques on pruning. Vines can be grown as well to create vertical gardens. An Espalier technique can be easily applied to treat and maintain vines and other plants against a flat vertical surface. These concepts are really recommended for limited space backyard. So, the remaining space can be utilized as a seating spot.

Living Fence and Vines for

  1. Create DIY Seating Area

Furniture can be a key element for a garden, but sometimes it is expensive. Therefore, you need to be creative in deciding another option. Make DIY furniture such as tables, chairs, and benches is a brilliant way to save money. There are a variety of affordable materials for your garden seating area such as bricks, and concrete blocks.

Create DIY Seating Area

  1. Unique Tree Stump Furniture

This idea is not for all small gardens. It can be applied for a yard which has an old stump. Don’t bother yourself to get rid of it since you will spend effort and time for it. So, all you need to do is just turn it into a useful thing. Install a wooden top on it and a new unique stump table is available.

Unique Tree Stump Furniture

  1. Light it Up

It is one more important element for small garden design ideas on a budget. Yes, lighting fixture! Outdoor lights play an important role for a garden. Just simple string lights totally accentuate your garden with lots of charms. Attach them to the furniture and fences or arrange them through branches to create shimmering look, like in the fairyland.

Light it Up

Small garden design ideas on a budget allow you to improve your creativity. Gardening needs more ideas than budget. So, when it comes to improving your outdoor area, just a simple concept with creative touch will make it awesome.

Tropical Backyard Oasis with Small Pool

Creative Ideas of Stunning Small Backyard Oasis

The existence of backyard allows the air flows in balance that makes your indoor area to be cooler and fresher. You should own a peaceful paradise in you dwell to soothe the soul.  A stunning small backyard oasis that provides a combination of beautiful plants, shady resting spots, and charming outdoor furniture will be very inviting to spend a spare time, escaping from exhaustion and fatigue.  It doesn’t require a lot of money and large space. All you need is just creativity. There are plenty of creative ideas to create a perfect oasis in your small backyard.

Inspiring Small Backyard Oasis Styles

  1. English Garden with Pergola and Vine

The pergola for English garden is a perfect element for creating shady atmosphere. The scattered vines on the pergola add more beauty, providing both warm and romantic atmosphere. No matter how small your outdoor area is, this small backyard oasis style is highly recommended to be built. Have your incredibly cool space for escaping by realizing this awesome idea.

English Garden with Pergola and Vine

  1. Classic Romantic Backyard

A shady nook in the backyard with vintage furniture set surrounded with beautiful plants is really a perfect soothing outdoor space. Classic English garden concepts include a green natural arc plant, boxwood hedges, and artistic pathways can be adopted to improve a romantic feel. This small backyard oasis doesn’t require a large space but the hedges need high maintenance.

Classic Romantic Backyard

  1. Wild Terrain with Resting Spot and Pond

At a glance, this style looks like a small forest with a variety of plants. However, they are neatly and beautifully arranged. Some native vegetation will be plus points to create really “wild” impression. The pond can be made in the middle of wildflowers. Stone benches can be chosen for seating in the resting spot. They blend smoothly into the yard, while a patio umbrella provides shade with charm. All of the components blend into harmony.

Wild Terrain with Resting Spot and Pond

  1. Tropical Backyard Oasis with Small Pool

This small oasis style involves a low wooden deck and small gazebo around the lawn. The small pool is installed in the wooden deck. Soaking in this small pool while enjoying outdoor air will soothe and refresh your mind.

Tropical Backyard Oasis with Small Pool

  1. Rustic Desert Backyard

It seems to be the simplest and cheapest small backyard oasis that doesn’t require high maintenance since lawn is not necessary. It is a good concept to utilize a dry and long neglected backyard. Instead of growing grasses for lawn, you’d better turn it into a small “desert”. You only need to grow some decorative plants in pots for decorating along the edge of your backyard.

Rustic Desert Backyard

Considering the benefits of backyard, you can start thinking about a better dwell with such a beautiful outdoor area for contemplating. Don’t hesitate to hire an expert to design and landscape your backyard since it is a long-term investment for you and your family. Some ideas about small backyard oasis styles above can be great references for you who plan to “revive” the backyard area no matter how small it is.

pool landscape lighting ideas beautiful outdoor patio lighting throughout outdoor house lighting design Beautify Your Backyard with Outdoor House Lights

Beautify Your Backyard with Outdoor House Lights

Sometimes, backyard has usual appearance, right? There is only a wall plant or just a little pond with grass. Do you want to make your backyard more beautiful and alive? You can try to put outdoor house lights in order to beautify your backyard. This stuff is not only can be placed in front of the house, but also in the backyard. Besides to beautify your backyard, this stuff will light up your night. This is one way you can do for improving the look of your backyard. Above all, you will also find easiness in order to make your house to be more than just a living place. This is important for you to choose the best design which suits your house look the most.

Many Creations about Outdoor House Lights

Still confused on how to make beautiful outdoor house lights in your backyard? Actually, there is nothing to worry about how to make it. If you have a wall in your backyard, you can utilize it. You can change your wall plant into wall chandelier. It’s very easy to apply. Choose some tiny lights and string them into unity by hang them in a rope. Then, tide the wall chandelier patch to the wall. You can see beautiful wall chandelier in the night and enjoying the moment you have.

Besides wall chandelier, you can make outdoor house lights from jar. You need some second jars and just put a tiny lamp on every jar. Then, hook them on the spot lights. You can hook them with your own creation. For example, you can hook them horizontally or circularly. Last, hang those jar lights on the branches of the tree. This way is very recommended for you those who have trees in your backyard. So, you can maximize your backyard tree function with the DIY (do-it-yourself) jar lights.

Another creation about how to beautify your backyard is ready. Not only using a wall or jar chandelier to light up your backyard, but also using a round small garden lamp. Usually, a garden lamp sticks on its spot, right? But now, you can ignore its spot and put the round small garden lamp on the ground. You can put some round small garden lamps in the corner of your backyard. For example, near to the tree in order to make a beautiful placement. Voila, other outdoor house lights creation is successfully lighten up your backyard.

Last but not least, you can also create beautiful outdoor lights by using an LED light. It is more expensive than the other creations, but still worth to try. An LED light is durable, so it is proper to use although it is expensive. You can put an LED light as your garden lamp. You can also choose some colors as your LED garden lamp, such as blue, red, or even purple. This way can make your backyard so beautiful with outdoor house lights creation. Can you imagine how beautiful your backyard in the night with those LED lights? So, choose the right creation and happy trying.