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How to Install a Garage Door Opener

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Installing a garage door opener is one of the things that you should do. Obviously, it is because it is related to the safety. If you a free, then you can do it by yourself. It is not as hard as you have imagined before.

How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Just by using some tools, you can do it alone by yourself. But if it needs some specific things that you can’t do, then you can just request the specific ways about your problem to the manufacturer.

But, if you think it’s easy or you just want to practice it yourself, then it is allowed. Before you start it all, it is time to prepare the tools and suppliers.

Preparation before installing a garage door opener

Before you install it, you will need some tools and the supplies that will support your work. Some that you will need are including drill, level, hammer, and screwdrivers. You will also need a ladder, pliers, socket wrench and tape measure. If you think there is something missed, then you can add by yourself.

After you done with the tools, it is time for the installation that will be explained below.


Follow these installing a garage door opener guidance.

The first thing that you should do is attaching the header bracket. Attach it to the wall above the garage door. Please notice that it should be centered on the garage door. Be careful if in this job because it’s too risky too for those who got no clue. You can place it 2 inches above the highest point of the door.

The second one is to assemble the opener. Inset the drive rail into the opener power. Attach the traveler to the rail. After it, attach the chain or belt. Follow the instruction to place it in the middle of the garage.

The next step of installing a garage door opener is by attaching the open to the header bracket. You may do this alone. You will need an additional hand here. To do it, attach the end of the rail to the header bracket that you installed before.

Then, attach the mounting bracket. Install the mounting bracket on the ceiling of the garage. Then, attach the opener to the mounting bracket. Do not forget to check the security.

The next step is to check the opener tight or properly as it is should be done. Raise the garage door manually and try to check if your garage door can be opened properly without the opener.

It is not done yet. The next step of installing a garage door opener is by to attach the garage door opener to the garage door. Then attach the safety sensors. You can attach up to two sensors. Then, attach the wall switch.

Make sure that the switch mounted at least 5 feet off the ground. So now, you can try to check it again.  Do not forget to plug in the opener. Installing a garage door opener can work successfully if you do it properly. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction if you need something.

Redlands Roof Tiles

Redlands Roof Tiles Product and Manufacturer Information

Redlands Roof Tiles

A Redlands roof tile is a world renowned manufacturer for roof tiles. The manufacturer has been established since 1979. Here is some information regarding the manufacturer that you should know

Redlands roof tiles are known for its advanced quality and concrete roof tiles since 1919. It is a fact that Redlands, as a company, is the world’s largest manufacturer and has been exporting roof tiles to over 25 countries in all over the world. The product of this manufacturer is varied in color, size and texture in order to meet all building needs. Since it was opened in 1979, Redlands has taken over the market; it offers customers complete option of roof tiles. Maybe that is why Redlands is still a choice these days. This worldwide brand’s Redland’s range of roofing tiles includes several kinds of tiles such as concrete roof tiles, slate roofing products and clay tiles. According to this, customers have claimed that Redlands provides the best solution for roofing specifications.

Redlands are known for their strength and durability. These two reasons are based on customers’ reviews and also judging from the process of production. Redlands provides hand-crafted clays combined with machine-made techniques. To test the product, the manufacturer gives it a shot by putting it inside wind tunnels to see its performance against strong wind. Due to this process, the result is satisfying and many people have chosen to use Redlands.

So you have understood a little about Redlands manufacturer and how their roof tiles are one of the best roof tiles in the world. Now, let’s get familiar with its types. First, we have concrete roof tiles. Redlands concrete roof tiles are known for its strength and sturdy. Do you know that to test its performance, it is tested in wind tunnels? Yes, by this condition Redlands concrete roof tiles are able to perform well in all weather conditions. Aside from that, Redlands rosemary clay tiles are also on the list. This type of Redlands tiles has a distinctive characteristic when it’s compared to other tiles. It gives the house ancient atmosphere with styles.

To complete concrete tiled roof, Redlands concrete fittings are perfect. Like its roof tiles, these concrete fittings are also strong and durable. No need to worry about the fittings break over a strong wind or a strong rain, because it is strong and durable; it will not break easily. Same goes with Redlands rosemary clay fittings, it is available in various colors and the half round ridges can be used on a range of angles. By far, we have witnessed that Redlands roof tiles have been one of the world’s leading roofing industry.

touching hearts lighthouse pictures intended for light house Every Light in the House is On

Every Light in the House is On

A light house exists since many years ago. It has important functions since the very first time. Time flies and also architectures that evolve well.

Every Light in the House is On

Sometimes, we forget about some things that have an impressive history behind them. Many things exist since hundred even thousand years ago but still exist until now because its functions. For example is a light house. This thing definitely has its own history and also its own function. For the first appearance, the building was used as navigational aid for maritime function. Because of its important functions, this kind of houses widely used and also improve with new technology. Want know more about it? Find out more on this article, fellas. By getting the information, you will get more knowledge and experience to share about it.

Light House’s New Technology and Improvement

Since the very first time light house exist until nowadays, it has many improvements. Before have so many improvements with new technology, ancient light building functioned more as an entrance marker to the port. So, light buildings are one of symbols if there is a port or a harbor. But now, it functioned more than just as an entrance marker but also as a warning signal for reefs. In order to do those functions, modern light buildings built with efficient lightening equipment, larger and more powerful.

Because light house should provide light to do its functions, lightening improvements should also do well. Many inventors contribute to find the best lightning technology, such as Aime Argrand, who was invented the Argrand Lamp in 1782. The Argrand Lamp used vegetable oil as its fuel. The first produced of The Argrand Lamp was in 1784 and became the minimum standard for light buildings. Another inventor like Arthur Kitson also improved lightning technology with vaporized oil burner, which is improved by David Hood. Last but not least, Gustaf Dalen, who was invented Dalen Light and Sun Valve. Especially for Sun Valve, it can automatically regulate the light and it became the newest lighting technology for lighthouses from 1900s through 1960s.

Like the lightning improvements, optical systems also have improvements. The first practical opticam system was found in 1763 by William Hutchinson. Then, there is another inventor, Augustin-Jean Fresnel, who was found The Fresnel Lens. The Fresnel lens has thinner form than conventional lens and it was used in 1823 for the first time. Besides optical systems improvements, design of light house also has many improvements. To build light buildings, the best designer used trigonometric formula. The usual design of this kind of building is the lamp must be placed as high as possible because it is very important thing. In the 20th century, houses used a prefabricated skeletal iron or steel structures.

With those improvements, the houses are used an advanced technology nowadays. Now, these kinds of buildings are not only functioned as a marker for navigation but also for tourism destination. Many buildings like this are built with different symbols and culture. For example, in the United States, there is a National Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, which are celebrated on the first weekend on august. Automatically, the light house is open to public and be a tourism destination. Want to visit modern one of this beautiful building?

deckover concrete block wall before and after comparison rafael home biz in painting exterior concrete foundation walls 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint

15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint

If you want to paint your exterior concrete, pay attention to the following tips and how to painting exterior concrete foundation walls.

Tips for Exterior Concrete Paint

how to paint a concrete floor step step guide on how to paint regarding exterior concrete paint 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint how to stain a concrete patio rafael home biz for exterior concrete paint 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint

Tips for exterior concrete paint are essential to be paid attention to because painting your concrete will be different that painting any other part of your house since it needs special treatment. When you want to paint your concrete, it is best to use waterproof paint or paint specialize for concrete. Exterior concrete will be touched by the weather every single day so you will have to find paint which can make your concrete last long and weather resistant. Not only weather resistance, the paint should also be able to resist water, oil, grease and gasoline stains; thus, your exterior concrete will not look ugly.

DIY Exterior Concrete Paint

how to stain a concrete patio rafael home biz with regard to exterior concrete paint 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint exterior concrete paint home design ideas and architecture  for exterior concrete paint 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint

Concrete paint can be painted on your own; however, it needs some special attention. If you choose to do it on your own, the first thing that you have to do is test the concrete for moisture content. You have to know the moisture condition of your concrete because if it is too moisture, you cannot paint it yet. The next is, clear the surface. In this step, you will have to remove everything on the surface, such as furniture, plants, pots, decoration and everything else so that you can paint properly and evenly.

how to apply behr premium solid color concrete stain rafael home biz regarding exterior concrete paint 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint similiar paint concrete floor exterior rafael home biz pertaining to exterior concrete paint 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint painting concrete blocks rafael home biz within painting exterior concrete foundation walls 15 DIY Exterior Concrete Paint

The next step is, repair the cracks in the concrete. You need to repair the crack in order to have even paint and a more beautiful looking concrete. You can fix this crack by filling them with filler; it will all be depended on the damage of the crack. The next is, remove moss, roots and vine. You have to pull everything which grows on your concrete. After that, you need to clean the concrete surface with water so it will wash away any dirt or grease. The next is, get ready to paint. After you have done everything, now it is time for you to paint your concrete. You need to make sure that you choose the right paint for concrete and also you have all the tools you need to paint your concrete.

To conclude, exterior concrete paint will have different treatment than any other place of the house since it faces with everything, such as rain, weather, heat, and stains every day. So, when you want to paint your exterior on your own you have to pay attention to everything and make sure that you choose a bright day since it will take some time for the paint to dry.

living roof diy architect visit a natural pool and passive house in new yorks inside living roof DIY 17 Ideas about Living Roof DIY for Your House

17 Ideas about Living Roof DIY for Your House

Do you want to have living roofing? Find out how to make them on your own with living roof DIY.

Living roof DIY is a great option for you who want to create living roof on your own. Living roof or usually as known as green roof is a very good choice to be used in your house. It will not only bring joy to your house because you get to see amazing view everyday but it also has many function, such as providing insulation and absorbing water. When you live in the city, your view is only buildings or skyscrapers and you must be bored to see them every day; therefore, living roof will be able to refresh your day; furthermore, if you have limited space to have garden space, this could be an alternative way to have simple garden.

If you want to create living roof on your own, there are several things that you need to have first to support your action such as nails or hammers. First, you need to have a normal flat or sloped roof. Then, before putting anything, you need to make sure that your roof is strong. The next step is choosing the right plants. Living roof requires no ordinary plants; therefore, you have to choose the plant which is designed for green roof. After that you need to cover the roof.

If you have finished covering the roof, the next step is draining and root shopping. This step is very easy, you only need to pour the bags of grail and then brush into place, roll over the root membrane and add more gravel in order to strengthen the root membrane. After it has finished, you need to keep the moisture in by adding some soil and compost. Then, you need to install or grow the plants. When you plan the plants, you need to create some space between plants because you need to let them spread. That is all you the steps that you need to do, now, you only have to wait for them to grow.

To conclude, living roof is an amazing choice for anyone who want to create living roof on your own. The steps are quite easy to be done and also by having living roof, you will receive several advantages as well, such as beautiful view and it can absorb water easily. You will have environmentally friendly structure and can save the environment without you even realize it by applying living roof DIY for your house.