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Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

The minimal concept of a design is also applied to the bathroom, called a minimal bathroom. The concept is elegant although it has smaller space. Elegant in essence and sophisticated in the decoration is the key to building it. A minimalist design can be really beautiful and it can be accomplished through the skillful art of subtraction.

Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

Here, you will find the sample designs of the interior bathroom. Some people are confused with the concept that they want to apply. But actually, you can boost your creativity to make your own design. Just by seeing the design sample, you can then get your own design. Or, you can just apply the design that you just see.

Ideas for minimal bathroom

The ideas of the minimal bathroom will be provided here. You may get the inspiration from the sample below.

The first design is to choose your own color ideas. Choose the color for the floor and the tiles. For a calm design that shows cool personality, you can choose white color and combine it with the shades of grey or black. The materials that you can use are such as marble or particular stones. Adding some granite also can be your choice.

You can also choose to abolish the bright color inside the structural compartment, but make sure to suit with other areas.

And for you who like a colorful design but still showing the calm personality, you can try to choose pastel shades. It will be so much relaxing when you see the pastel color in your bathroom.

You may provide some important furniture inside the minimal bathroom such as sanitary wares. Try to get them in particular shape such as rectangular. You will also need futuristic sinks or countertop washbasin.  Don’t forget to choose the material for the furniture. You can choose the one that made of wood or stone.

The other design sample is to set the practical and large shower. To make it more attractive, try to choose crystal wall. Or if you dare, try to see the one to completely abolish the shower box that likes the spa. You can choose to have bathtub or not. If you like to relax in a warm water, then choose tub because it can work for that.

If you want the hot water automatically, then choose the proper heat system. Choose the radiators or heating elements with particular shapes. Select the one that simultaneously performs a practical and has an aesthetical work in your minimal bathroom.

And the most important thing is about the lighting system. You should design it in an accurate way. Choose the lamp color because it will affect the bathroom looks at night. You can use LED elements of the lighting system. Besides, adding a mirror with integrated light is also recommended.

If you choose the mirror, try to place it in a proper way ad proper place. After everything set, try to look it from different perspectives, if it is okay then you are done. Now your minimal bathroom can be used. Add some perfume to make give fresh air and good smell in your bathroom.

ws bath collections kerasan retro 25 pedestal sink bathroom sink pertaining to pedistal sinks easy to follow pedestal sink installation guide rafael home biz

Easy to Follow Pedestal Sink Installation Guide

Have you heard the term of pedestal sink? If you have not known yet, please give your good attention to this great review of it! Well, a pedestal sink is one of the bathroom sink kinds. In a fact, it is usually used in many standard houses.

ws bath collections kerasan retro 25 pedestal sink bathroom sink pertaining to pedistal sinks easy to follow pedestal sink installation guide rafael home bizIn installing the pedestal sink, it is important for you to provide some tools and materials. For the tools which are needed, you can provide them. They are a socket wrench; slip joint pliers, a level, tape measure, adjustable wrench, a pipe wrench, a drill, square, and a pencil. Then, for the materials, you should prepare a sink, faucet, a plumber’s putty, drain assemblies, and a Teflon tape.

In addition, those tools and materials above are so significant and required during the process of setting up a pedestal sink. Hence, you have to complete both requirements in order to have this kind of sink perfectly.

How to install a pedestal sink easily

Talking about the ways of installing a pedestal sink, you need to know that there are some easy ways that you can do. Follow them carefully!

  • Take the old sink away

The first step that you have to do is turning off the water which at the most important pipe. After that, you are able to install a heater of the water. Even though the water is stopped when it is turning off, there is still some water which is left on the faucet. In order to solve this problem, you are suggested to open the faucet. Actually, it is used to let the water go and of course, drain the sink too. Thus, the old sink could be removed in a safe way.

  • Put the new sink

Before placing the new sink, you should take the old supply stops away using two adjustable wrenches. Then, place the new ones and tighten them again using those tools. So, you are able to set the sink location using the lavatory.

Moreover, the location of the sink should be in the middle of the drain hole which is on the wall. The next step is marking the area and the holes would be drilled using a pencil. Finally, before putting the new pedestal sink, you are allowed to install the lag screws behind the wall.

  • Mount the sink to the floor

In this case, it is important for you to mount the sink to the floor. It can be done by using a drill and also screws. It is done in order to get a stabilization of the sink. After that, you need to gather the whole sink’s hardware. Surely, it is placed at the right one.

Besides, you can add some plumber’s putty around the base of the sink. Then, don’t forget to tighten them using the screws. Hence, you are able to install the P-trap correctly and just try your new pedestal sink! If there is still any leakage or like damage in your new sink, you are very suggested to fix it as soon as possible. It is so important for you guys. Apply it well!

shower doors and enclosures pollack glass company throughout accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018

Top 10 Accordion Shower Door 2018

Accordion shower door 2018 is favorite home décor recently. It exists and becomes essential component which is installed in the bathroom. There are many kinds of Accordion shower door available in any shop. Well, you might confuse about choosing one since all of them seem unique and unusual. Therefore, you need to pick one whose design matches perfectly to your bathroom. To have such a different home decoration, selecting the contrasting style is okay though. Still, having such a harmony look must be best.

Most of the best Accordion shower door 2018 will be the type of wall-mounted design. Well, you might think that wall-mounted door does not require a wide room space to install, right? In this case, almost all Accordion shower door will take wide space area of your bathroom. Thus, if your area is small, you need to consider of buying the Accordion shower door in small sizes. Measure the space of your room to know the exact amount of your bathroom area.

Top 10 Accordion shower doors 2018

You might wonder about types of the great Accordion shower door, right? Here, in these following numbers are the top 10 Accordion doors 2018!

  • Accordion Shower Doors Plastic Farmhouse Design and Furniture

If you would like to get the less expensive Accordion shower door, you should consider the farmhouse design. This design uses the plastic as the main material. Therefore, it prices cheap. Well, even though it is made of plastic, it still looks classy and elegant.

  • RV Pleated Shower Door 88 9015 PPL Motor Homes

Are you looking for the real unique Accordion shower door? Then, choose RV Pleated shower door. This Accordion door has the similar design as a curtain. Same as farmhouse design, RV Pleated may be cheap. It is strong due to its material which is of steel.

  • Pelland Enterprises Motor Home S RV Windows

Pelland door looks like RV Pleated shower door. About 98%, it is same. The only difference is about its size and height. Pelland is designed higher than RV Pleated door though.

  • Folding Accordion Tub and Shower Doors Retro Renovation

Do you love anything about Retro? Well, let’s select folding Accordion shower door. This door is not only useful but also easy to handle. You might also fold it.

  • Pleated Doors The Dicor Corporation Official Site

Everyone must want to have such a durable Accordion shower door. Pleated Doors are not only durable but also qualified. Its material uses the steel. Moreover, this door has been made by the official company.

  • Accordion Shower Doors Model Farmhouse Design and Furniture

If you look for the natural look of the shower door, please buy the farmhouse design and furniture. This door is made of durable wood which matches perfectly to the classical bathroom style.

  • This 1962 Cer Doesn 39 T Seem Like Much But One RV Shower

Cer Doesn does look very classy and trendy. This door possesses one RV which has the unusual shape. The shape looks like it has three RV.

  • Folding Accordion Tub and Shower Doors Retro Renovation

If you want your Accordion door looks simple but beautiful, choose Retro Renovation. This type of Accordion door is easy to handle and may be sold at a reasonable price.

  • Shower Doors Irvine Shade and Door

Most of the Accordion doors are white or colorless. However, Irvin shade is different. It has a wide selection of color including brown, orange, and dark. Therefore, you could choose freely the one you like.

  • Next RV Accordion Shower Curtain Style

This shower door is another RV Accordion door. It has the common style of RV but a bit different in design. However, this RV Accordion door is a bit cheaper than the other types. Besides, its color is not only white, too.

accordion shower doors aluminum folding simple shower enclosure within accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 accordion shower doors for home accordion shower doors for home throughout accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 best ideas about glass shower enclosures on pinterest glass intended for accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 dreamline butterfly 34 in to 35 12 in x 72 in framed bi fold design for life intended for accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 folding shower doors for small bathroom home decor design for life with accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 kinkead folding shower doors shower intended for accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 shower bathtub doors youll love design for life in accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 shower bathtub doors youll love design for life pertaining to accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 shower bathtub doors youll love wayfair intended for accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018 shower doors and enclosures pollack glass company throughout accordion shower door top 10 accordion shower door 2018From those ten Accordion shower door, Folding Accordion Tub and Shower Doors Retro Renovation may be best. It is because it is easy to handle. You just need to fold the door to open or close it. Moreover, cleaning Folding Accordion Retro is also easy. You may use water and towel or tissue to clean it.

Finally, Accordion shower door is not only useful for decorating the bathroom but also keeping your privacy. Well, if you want to look for more designs of Accordion door, you might go online and surf your browser.

Modern Black White and Gray Bathroom Accessories

Modern Black White and Gray Bathroom Accessories

Black white and gray bathroom accessories are kinds of the bath accessories which offer the vintage beauties to any room, not only the bathroom. They are pretty popular because they might be able to decorate your bathroom to be more artistic and modern.

Black white and gray accessories

If you would like to search for black white and gray bathroom accessories, you might consider these accessories which are going to be explained below as well.

Modern Black White and Gray Bathroom AccessoriesThe show-stopping black and white wallpaper designed by Osborne & Little creates a real difference to the room. This black and white interplay is a curtain, it matches well to any room décor exists. It is white with a delicate lace border.

  1. A vintage console table. Have you ever imagined of turning your vintage console table to be a vanity? Remove the two legs of it and then mount the table to the wall. You should attach the vessel sinks on its surface. The combination of the black console table and white vessel sinks may bring a high-style look to the room.
  2. The basket-weave-patterned tile floor. When you start stepping up from the hexagonal ceramic tile, you might see the basket-weave-patterned tile floor crafted by the combination of Thassos and Nero Marquina marble. The Thassos must have a white pattern while the Nero is the black one.
  3. The Notting Hill townhouse’s master bath. It is sheathed in the black Nero Marquina marble with the large white sink. This master bath looks very catchy since it is made of the marble material so that it might get shiny.

Things to consider

If you are going to purchase the black, white and gray bathroom accessories, you need to pay attention to these things below.

  1. Price. Not all the bath accessories which are pretty expensive are high. It would be better if you consider buying the bath accessories based on your need; it may be affordable as well as it matches and suits your bath’s design.
  2. Online shop. Sometimes, most of the people put their trust in buying the bath accessories in the famous online shop such as Amazon, Ikea or Walmart. Let you consider of ordering the one there which size is small because it is easy to ship. Try to search for the free shipping, too.
  3. The wallpaper. If you would like to decorate your wall to be exactly same as your black and white theme, you need to prefer buying the wall decal rather than the sticker. This is because the wall decal will not damage your wall; it is easily attached, but it is not hard to remove, too.

gray bathroom decor accessories vanity wall black small fixtures marble modern black white and grey bathroom decorWell, that is all about black white and gray bathroom accessories; hopefully, it may be the useful info for you who needs.

diy natural cleaning products bathroom cleaner

Natural Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Homemade bathroom cleaner should be one of the supported things to clean the bathroom. Exactly, cleaning the bathroom must require much time and energy since there are many parts of the bathroom exist. However, by the use of bathroom cleaner, it has to be easy to clean the bathroom.

diy natural cleaning products bathroom cleaner

Natural homemade bathroom cleaner

There are two kinds of bathroom cleaner; they are natural homemade bathroom cleaner and chemical bathroom cleaner. Rather than chemical cleaner, natural cleaner is always chosen by most of the people since it offers the buyer many benefits. Here are the advantages of the natural homemade cleaner.

  1. Cheap. Rather than buying the bathroom cleaner, you might be able to make your natural bathroom cleaner. Of course, you need to purchase some materials to make the cleaner, but it does price more affordable than the one sold in the market. Plus, you might consider by yourself whether you want your cleaner is big or small.
  2. No woozy odor. Sometimes, it is uncomfortable and unpleasant of smelling the woozy odor of the bathroom cleaner. Luckily, the homemade bathroom cleaner smells the natural fragrant which is refreshing.
  3. Eco-friendly. The homemade cleaner is kind of a product that has been designed to do the least possible damage to the environment so that you might be indirectly a participant to save your environment.
  4. Effective. Do not get cheated of the chemical cleaner. Even though it seems that it is effective to clean the dirt, tile, surface, etc., not all of the chemical cleaner works well. Homemade cleaner, on the other hand, has been proved that it can work well to clean many parts of the bathroom.

DIY natural homemade bathroom cleaner

It is possible to have such a DIY natural homemade bathroom cleaner as well as you have known the steps or ways to create it. Let’s see how to make the DIY natural cleaner below.

  1. Cleaning the mirror. Before you start making the DIY cleaner, it is a must for you to search for the ingredients of the bathroom cleaner including the orange or lemon, lavender essential oils, vinegar, dish soap, and water. You just need to mix all those ingredients and put it on the spray.
  2. Cleaning the toilet. You need to buy the baking soda and vinegar. Mix those two ingredients; each is for one cup. Do not forget to dump each straight in the bowl since it will foam and fizz crazily. Then, let you wait for a minute and then clean the bowl using the scrubber.
  3. Cleaning the drain cleaner. Cleaning the drain cleaner is pretty similar to cleaning the toilet. You will need the baking soda and the vinegar, too. You have to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before you begin cleaning the drain cleaner.

Finally, in the end, homemade bathroom cleaner may become one of the solutions to get less expensive but effective bath cleaner.