Best Modern Kitchen Designs for Spacious Area


When it comes to the best modern kitchen designs, there are some aspects you need to consider. First, it is the layout and the placement of large appliances. The second, it is about the storage. You need to have enough space to store a plenty of utensils and make them well-organized. Lastly, your kitchen design and décor should match your personality. The goal of modern kitchen designs should be functional, beautiful and able to meet both eating and entertaining needs.

Best Modern Kitchen Designs with Sophisticated Appliances

Though designing a spacious kitchen seems to be easier than designing a small kitchen, if you ignore one aspect, it can’t be as splendid as you wish. Your kitchen might looks untidy and inconvenience. That is why it can be helpful to follow some ideas about best modern kitchen designs below:

  • Open Kitchen Concept With Large Kitchen Island

Best Modern Kitchen Designs

A large kitchen island can be focal point in your spacious kitchen if it is eye catching and paired with several matching complements. A large kitchen island is also versatile if you install an under mount sink and additional table. Moreover, add some bar stools to emphasize the modern look. With this setting, the kitchen island serves several functions. It can be a dining area, food serving area, washing some ingredients, and just for a “display” when you are not using it

  • Large Modern Open Kitchen with Flat-Panel Cabinet and Large Wooden Kitchen Island With Storage

Large Modern Open Kitchen with Flat-Panel Cabinet and Large Wooden Kitchen Island With Storage

Many ideas of the best modern kitchen designs recommend a large kitchen island placement at the center to provide more comfort and fresh air. This kitchen concept is not only modern, but also multifunction. When you have to accommodate many people, your kitchen can be another area for this purpose. A large flat-panel cabinet allows you to store a plenty of plates, dishes, and various utensils. The large kitchen island also gives more storage. A simple layout allows you to add a medium-sized dining area that can accommodate 6-8 persons. It looks really well organized, tidy, and roomy.

  • Modern Spacious Kitchen with Dining Area In Front of The Island

Modern Spacious Kitchen with Dining Area In Front of The Island

This is one more brilliant idea for the best modern kitchen designs. The layout is just simple. A flat panel cabinet applied in one side of the kitchen, facing the kitchen island. A white kitchen island with medium size looks simple and elegant. Beside the island (near the window), apply a long white cabinet with under mount sink. So, you have 2 areas to prepare meals and wash. Maybe you can use one sink for washing the food ingredients and another is for washing the dishes. Apply a simple modern setting for the dining area in front of the kitchen island. It can be medium-sized dining area that accommodates 6 persons. A rectangular marble dining table with 6 white minimalist dining chairs is really splendid. This modern spacious kitchen concept is really reliable for every day or special occasions.

When your goal is not only a modern look, but also multifunctional purpose, some ideas for the best modern kitchen designs have given some great inspirations. Remember about the 3 essential points to consider for designing a spacious kitchen. They are layout, storage, and design that reflect your personality.