Best Ideas of Country Kitchen Designs


Country kitchen designs are getting more and more popular among people recently. People who enjoy something traditional must want to design their house to be similar to. A country kitchen may be the best one for anyone including you who want to have your house looks classical. Well, even though it is classical does not mean that its colors are black and white. Instead, you would be able to get your country kitchen colorful. There are many designs for country kitchen exist. You are free to choose whichever you would like to.

Are you interested in choosing this country design for being applied to your kitchen? Well, once you are going to select unique country kitchen designs, you have to mention some things first. Room space is the very first important factor which you must notice. Make sure you have known your room space.

Therefore, you can decide whether you need the design for the small kitchen or the spacious one. Thus, you need to measure the size as well as the height of your kitchen space. Another factor, material of country kitchen design, has to be paid attention by you. Whether it is from Maple, Oak, Cherry, or Pine, it has to match your style and taste of the room design.

Great country kitchen designs

Again, you may confuse of choosing one of best country kitchen designs since there are many of them exist. Therefore, in these following details, there will be an explanation of great ideas of country design for a kitchen.

  • Colorful country

This kitchen design looks pretty amazing. The checkerboard flooring must be the one lends a midcentury flair which takes the interest of people. Fiesta ware colors add such a classical but catchy look to the kitchen room. The rustic open shelving also gives the extra colorful pride to the place. For the additional design, hang several colorful glasses or cups on the mounted drawers. You might store the unique bowls or plates, too.

  • Handcrafted Accents

The handcrafted accent may be the most valued one than the other kitchen designs. The knotty pine walls and also the existence of cabinets designed by Christine Albertsson of Albertsson Hansen Architects gives your kitchen a rustic, cabin look. The wrought-iron chandeliers installed with candle bulbs may also add such a classic appearance to the kitchen. The calming wall coloring seems to ‘calm’ everyone who sees.

  • Warm Textures

Mostly, old people would like to design their home with the one like Warm Textures. Warm Textures is designed to be a bit similar to the Kitchen Island which gives extra space for resting. The exposed ceiling beams are available; makes your kitchen looks unusual and unique. The wood-burning fireplace designed by Jeff Murphy is also available. It is not only used to be a room décor but also to warm the owner. Most of the kitchen wares are made of wood to create such a classical appearance.

  • Go Fishcamp

If you wish your kitchen has such a farmhouse design, let you consider this Go Fishcamp design. Go Fishcamp cabin kitchen is designed by Historical Concepts Architecture & Planning. The kitchen which has such a Go Fishcamp design will be decorated with the rustic wood, mostly. The other items such as the plate racks, a farmhouse sink, and the casual rugs also play as the room décor. The wall of Go Fishcamp kitchen will be in milk-paint colors.

  • Animals Welcome

Are you searching for a kitchen design which ‘welcomes’ to your pets? Well, then, you must go for Animals Welcome design. Patricia Caulfield designs this Animals Welcome purposely for anyone who has the passionate dog. She sets the kitchen a dog-feeding station. Though it against a classic country background of the white beaded board, it may add the uniqueness to the kitchen itself.

  • Simple Pleasures

If you love classical but does not want a complicated design, you could prefer Simple Pleasures. Your kitchen will be white-on-white-on-wood, mostly. This design by Historical Concepts Architecture & Planning also offers the simple but unique plate racks to store your plates. Also, the candlestick will be in the sconces style. Simple Pleasure is perfect kitchen design for the family.

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