The Best Ideas for Cheap Kitchen Floors 2017


Creating a comfortable kitchen can be a challenging thing to do. You need to involve a number of complicated processes. The processes include budget planning, style and design planning, and of course choosing flooring design. Cheap kitchen floors 2017 ideas can be helpful for your starting point to choose the best kitchen floor at the lowest budget.

In general, floor tiles are used in minimalist houses across the countries because they are easy to be cleaned. Ceramic tiles also create a soothing atmosphere, really suitable and comfortable for tropical areas. If you think that ceramic is too ordinary, choose other alternatives to tile your kitchen floor.

Cheap Kitchen Floors 2017 with Eye-Catching Look

  1. Vinyl

Cheap Kitchen Floors 2017 Vinyl

Vinyl is one of easy, practical, and cheap kitchen floors 2017. It is really a right solution for your kitchen. It is made of a synthetic polymer and improved by coloration. Vinyl is available with various motifs such as natural wood, stones, and animal prints. Many people think that vinyl is like rolled up wallpaper with a certain thickness. In fact, not all of vinyl comes as rolled sheets. There are two other types of vinyl. They are vinyl tile and vinyl board.  Vinyl tile has a shape like the common square-shaped ceramic tiles. This type of vinyl is really beautiful with the marble or classic ceramic-looking surface.  Choosing this type is a right decision to create a captivating kitchen with cohesive performance.  Another type of vinyl, which is a vinyl board, looks like a hardwood piece. The size, feature, and surface, are really similar with the hardboard. That is why this type becomes a popular choice for the current kitchen remodels.

Why do people choose vinyl? It is because of its benefits such as affordable price, easy to install in all types of rooms, ease of cleaning, flexible, durable, and water-resistant. Another reason is that vinyl is really similar with the original materials.

  1. Bamboo Floors

Cheap Kitchen Floors 2017 Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors are getting more famous in recent years because of their similarities to hardwood flooring. This flooring is exotic and chic but quite affordable. This makes it an appealing kitchen flooring option for cheap kitchen floors 2017. Bamboo flooring is produced from bamboo material which for many interior designs, it is an appealing alternative for traditional flooring. The advantages of bamboo flooring are hypoallergenic, giving natural color, so it creates beautiful focal point, easy to install.

  1. Cork

Cheap Kitchen Floors 2017 Cork

Another type of cheap kitchen floors 2017 is cork. Cork flooring is made of tree bark material without combustible chemical substance so this flooring is fireproof and corrosion resistant.  It is not only environmentally friendly, but also comfortable and has soft surface, offering cushion underfoot than the other flooring. It is also hypoallergenic.

After all, every material for cheap kitchen floors 2017 has its pros and cons. Some flooring options seem very nice and affordable as well. The floor you choose will affect other elements of your kitchen interior design. So, being selective is really important. If saving money if your goal, be careful of doing big mistake that might require you to spend more money. Instead of going DIY, consider having professional kitchen floor installation.