Best 16 Year Old Girl Room


16 year old girl room must be designed in a specific way by parents since their daughter has been in the process of becoming a teenager. Every teenager must have room for studying or preparing project given from the teacher, and definitely for resting. Room designs are important because these can reflect the teens’ personality. There are a lot of designs for teens’ room.

Most of the parents think that every girl tends to love something cute that has pink color so that they begin decorating their 16 year old girl room to be the one they imagine. However, not all of girls love cute things; they might be like boys who love calm or cool color for their room’s wall, attach the big poster of their favorite idol, etc. If you wish you can get the best room for your daughter, you need to mention to several ideas below.

16 year old girl room for studying

Here are many room designs for 16 year old girl room which may be beneficial for you who want to create scientific room designs for your teens.

  • South Beach Teen Room. This design was built in the ground-floor room. The old cupboard is turned into a homework center for studying. It is colored in blue. The best point is that when there are friends come, they could directly get close to the window to call. This room design is pleasant and far from clutter. Also, this room is not only cool but useful as a comfy place to study or even entertain you.

16 Year Old Girl Room

  • Marina Home. The wall-to-wall cork board allows much space for keeping many artworks which might be displayed in one area. This room design features dark hardwood floors and built-in desks and has been popular in San Francisco. What is high from this room design is that Marina Home is not only for boys but also well-matched for girls.

Marina Home

  • Kelly Edwards for Teen Project. It becomes modern Los Angeles room design which the computer area is divided into three or four parts by the small wall. This room design has a great visual appearance which has been matched to the geometry room space and the teens’ color and style they desire.

Kelly Edwards for Teen Project

  • Point Piper – Art Deco Inspired. It is a homework station for teens which features close cupboard or drawer so that they can store or take the utilities they need quickly. For making the room more beautiful, the printed art can be installed on the wall.

Point Piper

Many tips for designing 16 year old girl room

When you are about to create room for your daughter, you need to pay attention to several things. Here are tips for you who are creating 16 year old girl room will be explained below.

  • Girl and boy obviously have different color desire and taste. Most of the girls love pink, but boys do not love that color. If you want to paint the girls’ room by using pink color, you have to make sure to make it a bit darker because they have grown up. For boyish, the combinations of vibrant colors might be great.
  • Wall art decoration. Install nature wall art including plants like the flower in the girls’ room. Choose an ideal one for being stacked on their room’s wall in case if they wish to.
  • Girls are always searching for something beautiful. The comfort will be the outstanding selection. Therefore, you have to select correctly. Try to choose one which does not only look catchy but feel comfy to use.

Finally, by learning many tips and the ideas of room designs, creating and decorating 16 year old girl room will not be a problem anymore