How to Become an Interior Decorator?


If you have strong interest and passion in decorating and arranging furniture, become an interior decorator could be your way. The good news is that you don’t need a great degree in interior design to start this profession. But you need to have good eyes, passion, and willingness to learn for the job.

However, gaining specialization courses, certificate of training or license courses is necessary to start your career as a decorator. There are some steps to begin this profession. And below are the steps that will guide you to achieve it.

How to Become an Interior Decorator?

What to do as an entry level

The first thing that you should do to become an interior decorator is gaining experience. It is important to develop yourself and see many things that you can learn. You can evaluate your skills, even your strengths, and weakness.

During gaining an experience, many people will advise you many things. It’s nice to learn people’s favorite design, and it will be useful once you get the market in the future. In this part, you should show your skill and your best. Your ability to show an extensive knowledge of space planning will start to grow here.

You will also need some training, at least one that can certify your skill. Although you don’t need some particular degree, training or courses can give you greater credibility. It will increase your opportunity as a decorator. Seek the training or courses program specialized in interior design.

Many universities provide some short courses programs in interior design major. The important things that you will learn are including the fundamental part of designing, the history of decorating, organizational skills and the favorite designing style.

After that, extend your experience by practicing the interior design skill. To become an interior decorator, you will need a portfolio or your works samples. While practicing your knowledge, put together the great sample of your works.

You will need this to apply for a job that can be your stairs to be a professional decorator. You can also try to apply some job with your portfolio. This can be your new experience to meet people and learn many things.

Become an Interior Designer

Become a professional decorator

It may take years to become an interior decorator, although it also depends on how your work. After you find the job and find the other opportunities, try to make your network wider through attending a workshop or social media promotion.

If your final purpose is to work only, then your next step is just to keep developing yourself in this field. You can be promoted to a higher position if your work progress makes the company satisfied.

Become a professional decorator

But if you want another thing such as decoration business, you can start to use your experience to make a plan of activities. In this step, you will not only work but also open the jobs for other people.

The key of all is about learning, self-development and healthy eyes. So, if you think your real passion is becoming an interior decorator, follow these steps to start your journey.