20 Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2017


Remodeling bathroom is seen by some people as a way to refresh the look and give a new atmosphere. Because some people may get bored easily. But, if you calculate the expense on buying essentials for your bathroom renovation ideas, such as new vanity sink, new shower head and whichever new essentials you put on the list, you may get a little too carried away and cost you an unreasonable amount of money. Therefore, the best way to redecorate your old, boring-looked bathroom is to be creative. By being creative, you can quite possibly reduce the costs and at the same time, enjoying the new, refreshed look of your bathroom.

Before Completing Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The only way to start remodeling your bathroom is to take everything out of the room, so you will get a clear view of the walls and every corner. That way you can decide what to change or to add. Now you are left with an empty room and a plain wall. To give the walls a new atmosphere, the first bathtub renovation ideas to do is to re-paint. When selecting the perfect color match for your bathroom, you may want to settle for a style and an atmosphere you want to build, since different colors often give different mood.

For example, a lighter color will make your bathroom looks bigger, and a darker color will only make it looks smaller. Deciding the new style for the room on your own can be a hard task, better for you to discuss this with family. Because bathroom is not only used by you alone, but your family, kids and at some point, even your friends will come by and eventually use your bathroom.  Hence, bathroom renovation ideas you have in your mind should be suitable for everyone.

The Correct Ways to Accomplish Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovating doesn’t mean replacing all the old bathroom essentials with the new ones. The sole purpose of changing bathroom decoration is to give it a new touch, hopefully increase one’s comfort ability while using the bathroom as well. So, the first bathroom renovation ideas are considering redoing your old, boring bathroom components instead of buying new. Redo means retouch, relined, re-polish or re-new old furniture. That way, you can save a fair amount of money, because buying new would probably cost twice the price. You can ask for professional assistance to do the work, which is not expensive, or you can do it yourself. However, there are some furniture that you shouldn’t re-polish or relined, such as the sink and the shower. In fact, they will cost you some extra bucks.

Another way to renovate your bathroom look with a tight budget is to buy used items which you can find online. It may sound a bit unattractive, though it always works for those who want to reduce the cost of redecorating a room. After all, bathroom is like a blank canvas which can be drawn and painted as you like it. Hence, this inexpensive ways of bathroom renovation ideas must’ve given you knowledge to begin renovating the old bathroom.