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Carriage House Lighting for Modern House

Carriage House Lighting for Modern House

Carriage house lighting is one of lighting which is so well known for many people. Do you know the reason what makes it like that? Actually, this kind of lighting offers a traditional look and a stylish atmosphere at the same time. Thus, you are able to add or combine it with a design of a modern house.

The carriage house lighting is commonly placed outside of your house, especially as the exterior ornament. It can be placed at the entry of your garage. Besides, it can also be placed in the front yard of your house.

Carriage House Lighting for Modern House

Although this kind of lighting looks old, it still provides like uniqueness. Moreover, many people look for this kind of lighting because they like so much the originality of it.

The place to put carriage house lighting

Greatly, there are some places which can be used to put the carriage house lighting. Do you want to know it guys? Just follow this discussion below well!

  • Outdoor

Before placing the carriage house lighting, you have to think that it should be matched with a style of modern home. However, actually, it can be matched everywhere. The first place that the carriage house lighting should be put is at outdoor of your house. Many people believe that it is the best option.

When you put the carriage house lighting outside of your house, it can make the space look so beautiful. Besides, you can also set this kind of lighting above the windows. It could brighten up the spaces in front of the windows. That is why your house will be more spectacular.

  • Upon stone veneers

The stone veneers have a brown color. Then, a dim light comes from the lighting. So, the carriage house lighting can make a balance for the overall look. The combination of both colors will create an exterior design which is stylish and fascinating to see.

  • Indoor

That kind of house lighting, actually, could be placed in your kitchen or a condo. Some people use this lighting without using too many curls and also glass. Commonly, they place the lighting on the table of eating. It is located in the center of the dining room.

If you place this lighting in a small condo, it will create an impressive and amazing ambiance. Talking about the condo, it is a small place in a house where you are able to spend your spare time comforting and peaceful. Thus, you will get a relaxed and comfortable feeling there.

Those are the places in order to put the carriage house lighting. It is a kind of traditional lighting which can match the design and also style of a modern house. So, in getting the attractiveness of the space, it depends on your own creativity, enthusiasm, and even your imagination.

Some houses which use this kind of lighting may get a cozy atmosphere and the style which is modern. Thus, it is very suggested for you to add the carriage house lighting for your interior or exterior house design. Please try it and prove the truth!

best ideas country kitchen farmer designs

10 Best Ideas of Country Kitchen Designs

There is a style of a kitchen which is called as country kitchen designs. Have you recognized it? Greatly, it is one of the most desired kitchens of most people in this world. Why can it be like that? Do you know the reason, guys? Okay, this kind of kitchen has a warmness atmosphere and uniquely, it comes from the materials of wooden. In order to know it more, we are going to give you some great ideas. It is of course about the country kitchen designs.

best ideas country kitchen farmer designs

Some kinds of country kitchen designs

It is better for you to know that there are some kinds of country kitchen designs. All of them will be shared one by one in a clear description.

  • English country kitchen design

The first kind of kitchen design is famous for the serving which is warm and clean color. Besides, it is very suitable for you if you like something much which is neat and designed with white color. In addition, this English country kitchen is decorated with some floral pattern. Thus, it is very beautiful and interesting to see by everyone.

country kitchen designs 2018 country kitchen designs australia country kitchen designs for small kitchen

In relation to the country kitchen designs, you should embellish the wood too. You are able to do that by painting the wooden floor using white color. It is done along the wooden cabinet in your kitchen.

On the other hand, in order to make your kitchen more like English, you are suggested to add the pattern of pastel floral. It can be used for the curtain there. Moreover, you are allowed to select that pattern which is there in the kitchen ornaments. They can be favorite cups, plate, or glass.

For the wall in this kind of kitchen, just paint it white. However, if you have a want to decorate it using wallpaper, don’t worry! It is available for you to select the white floral pattern and the soft one. It is like a combination of a green leaf and the little pink flowers.

  • French country kitchen design

In this kitchen design, you are able to add some beautiful colors in your kitchen. They can be red, yellow, or blue. Don’t forget to combine it with wood colored of the wooden cabinet.

country kitchen designs on a budget country kitchen designs photo gallery country kitchen designs photo

For the additional information, you are allowed to add more ornaments in this kind of kitchen. So, make it more beautiful and romantic to see and place!

  • Tuscan country kitchen design

Before knowing it more, you should know first about Tuscany. It is a region in the center of Italy. By the way, related to the country kitchen designs, this kind of kitchen has a very warm atmosphere. It can use brown gold color.

country kitchen designs pictures country kitchen designs with islands french country kitchen decorating for small kitchen

When you use brown color for the wood cabinet and gold for the kitchen utensils, what does it look like? The warm atmosphere of the Italian country will be there in your kitchen.

Those three kinds of country kitchen designs can be your great information for you to beautify your kitchen. Hence, you are allowed to choose one of them which you like and want. However, don’t forget to add a wooden cabinet in designing your kitchen. Because it is the significant element in the country kitchen design.

beautiful interior design ideas for teenage bedrooms

Top 10 Interior Design Bedrooms

Let’s learn about interior design bedrooms! As we know that a bedroom is one part of your house which is very private. Besides, it is also a personal room in your house. In a fact, a bedroom is a place for having a relaxation and taking a rest. That is why it is important for you to select a bedroom which has the comfiest and relaxed atmosphere. So, it will create a cozy place to sleep or just refresh you after doing daily activities.

beautiful interior design ideas for teenage bedrooms

How to decorate the interior design bedrooms

In this case, we will help you to provide some advice in order to decorate the interior design bedrooms beautifully. Thus, you can get a great idea or inspiration to do that.

  • Choose good furniture

When you want to decorate your interior bedroom, it is needed for you to choose furniture with the best quality. It is not only in the kind of furniture, but also it is important for you to arrange the spaces completely. On the other hand, please think that your own bedroom is a functional place. The reason is that you spend most of your time in the bedroom.

black and white top interior design bedrooms cool decor ideas interior design ideas for traditional bedroomsBefore buying the furniture which you want, you are very suggested to measure and determine the size of the available spaces. It is used to prevent an unbeneficial thing, in this case, is furniture. Hence, you will have an enjoyment and pleasant feeling maximally when you are sleeping there.

  • Fill the bedroom using important furniture

Cotemporary Bedroom Ideas Simplicity and Elegance in interior design for small teenage bedrooms decorating interior design trends 2018 bedroomsIn relation to the interior design bedrooms, you are advised to fill your bedroom using the really important furniture. What does it mean? Well, you have to place some furniture which is really needed in your bedroom. Thus, it will not be too many objects or furniture and of course, does not disturb your rest or activity in the bedroom.

  • Choose a bed

interior design for teenage bedrooms interior design ideas wardrobes purple bedroomsWhen you have a desire to choose a bed in your bedroom, please remember the size of your bedroom. Actually, we provide some kinds of bed like a single bed and double bed. In addition, you can also choose the form, materials, and the structure of the bed. They are the components which you should consider in order to get a satisfied feeling.

There are so many choices of the bed which are practical on the market. You are allowed to select from the minimal bed model to the more classic one, even to the raised style. Moreover, it is better for you to know that the container bed is very appropriate for the small bedroom. So, it can make the logistic furniture optimal.

  • Choose the bedside table and accessories

interior design trends white bedrooms master interior design white bedrooms trendy bedroom artwork modern interior bedrooms wardrobes designTalking about the interior design bedrooms, the useful complement is a bedside table. The existence of it can make your bedroom appearance look more stylish. This table has a drawer which can be used to keep your clothes. So, if your bedroom is not big enough, it does not need a cupboard. Just place the bedside table in your bedroom!

In order to add the beauty of your bedroom, you can add some accessories like ornaments, lampshades, paintings, and also design objects. You are allowed to add one of them which you like.

That’s all the review of interior design bedrooms. There are four suggestions to decorate and design your bedroom which can be done easily. Just try it with enjoy feeling!

Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

The minimal concept of a design is also applied to the bathroom, called a minimal bathroom. The concept is elegant although it has smaller space. Elegant in essence and sophisticated in the decoration is the key to building it. A minimalist design can be really beautiful and it can be accomplished through the skillful art of subtraction.

Minimal Bathrooms: So Many Sophisticated Design Samples

Here, you will find the sample designs of the interior bathroom. Some people are confused with the concept that they want to apply. But actually, you can boost your creativity to make your own design. Just by seeing the design sample, you can then get your own design. Or, you can just apply the design that you just see.

Ideas for minimal bathroom

The ideas of the minimal bathroom will be provided here. You may get the inspiration from the sample below.

The first design is to choose your own color ideas. Choose the color for the floor and the tiles. For a calm design that shows cool personality, you can choose white color and combine it with the shades of grey or black. The materials that you can use are such as marble or particular stones. Adding some granite also can be your choice.

You can also choose to abolish the bright color inside the structural compartment, but make sure to suit with other areas.

And for you who like a colorful design but still showing the calm personality, you can try to choose pastel shades. It will be so much relaxing when you see the pastel color in your bathroom.

You may provide some important furniture inside the minimal bathroom such as sanitary wares. Try to get them in particular shape such as rectangular. You will also need futuristic sinks or countertop washbasin.  Don’t forget to choose the material for the furniture. You can choose the one that made of wood or stone.

The other design sample is to set the practical and large shower. To make it more attractive, try to choose crystal wall. Or if you dare, try to see the one to completely abolish the shower box that likes the spa. You can choose to have bathtub or not. If you like to relax in a warm water, then choose tub because it can work for that.

If you want the hot water automatically, then choose the proper heat system. Choose the radiators or heating elements with particular shapes. Select the one that simultaneously performs a practical and has an aesthetical work in your minimal bathroom.

And the most important thing is about the lighting system. You should design it in an accurate way. Choose the lamp color because it will affect the bathroom looks at night. You can use LED elements of the lighting system. Besides, adding a mirror with integrated light is also recommended.

If you choose the mirror, try to place it in a proper way ad proper place. After everything set, try to look it from different perspectives, if it is okay then you are done. Now your minimal bathroom can be used. Add some perfume to make give fresh air and good smell in your bathroom.

How to Paint and Decorate An Old Furniture In Formica

How to Paint and Decorate An Old Furniture In Formica

Not many of us may think again about decorating an old furniture in Formica. This is because Formica is no longer familiar. Just for your information, Formica is a material that almost no longer to be used again in the furniture industry. Nowadays, the furniture industry uses the other materials that benefit the company much.

How to Paint and Decorate An Old Furniture In Formica

But, if you still have it in your home, you certainly want to make it have a new look. And to realize it, you can paint it with the color that you want. Once you successfully do it, your furniture will look new and stunning.

Your problem is probably that you don’t know how to paint it well. Painting this old furniture needs to follow the right procedure and technique. See the guidelines here to help you in painting Formica.

Tools to decorate an old furniture in Formica.

Before you decorate an old furniture in Formica, it is better to prepare the tools and everything you need. The first thing you need id furniture glazing. Then prepare stencil, brushes, and acrylic or oil colors.

Probably you need something else that you would like to add. Just prepare it so you can focus on the painting later.

The painting procedures

First of all, you need to clean up the furniture. Make sure that you clean it up from the dust and the other residues. It is important to clean it because the clean furniture affects the durability of the paint.

After cleaning it up, choose the type of enamel that you would like to use. You can try to choose a glossy effect, semi-glossy, or opaque. Pass it to the cabinet to give homogeneity and give better look.

By doing the way, your Formica will look better. If you don’t like the decorations you can just let it dry. But if like it or want to change the appearance completely, then switch to the stencils.

To apply the stencils, you need to know the procedures too. First, apply the stencil while holding it firmly. Use the adhesive tape to help you. Then tap the color in the stencil spaces. Choose a vibrant paint that you would like to have.

To decorate an old furniture in Formica, you can do it with a stencil. Complete the details with the brush. The brush will be good to be used in the particular area such as in the furniture legs and the edges.

You can also practice the other technique. Let’s say you want some Scandinavian style, you can start it with taking some color with the tip or brush. Make sure that the color you take is the right color. After that, place the brush on a point on the surface. Exert slight pressure and be careful when you are doing it.

Keep doing it until you get the design that you won’t have created. It is important to prepare the concept of the image before you create, just to avoid mistakes. Play with the color until you see that the way decorate an old furniture in Formica can be seen into a beautiful furniture.