Applying 16 Bright Kitchen Paint Colors


A kitchen is one of the most favorite places in the house for most of the women. A kitchen is a place where the women can serve some meal. During the cooking time, the women need a place that makes them comfortable and relaxes. So, we recommend you to use the bright kitchen paint colors to build a relaxing and comfortable place.

Applying 16 Bright Kitchen Paint ColorsIf you do not have an idea of choosing the bright kitchen paint colors, then just pay attention to these paint colors!

16 Perfect Bright Kitchen Paint Colors

  • White Dove

White dove is the best color that can make the room looks more large and clean. If you want the bright kitchen paint colors, then white dove can be one of your options. It suits with the windows and the door of the kitchen.

  • Green

Green is one of the strong colors. This color has a power which can make the room of the kitchen become more refreshing.

  • Tidewater

The next recommendation of the bright paint colors is tidewater or you can know it as aqua blue. The people who love the ocean must choose this color for their kitchen.

  • Red Geranium

Most of the women love a brave and bright color. So, when it comes to their lovely kitchen, they must need a red geranium. This color can build a positive energy around the kitchen. So, people must be more excited during the cooking time.

  • Chelsea Gray

In order to make your kitchen has a sense of shadow that will soften the rooms, so you must choose a Chelsea gray. Some people need coolness during their time in the kitchen.

  • White Paper

If you need paint color which brings a natural sensation. White will always be the best color to combine another color.

  • Pink

Pink is one of the recommended colors that really great for your kitchen. This color with make you feel comfortable and relax.

  • Pale Powder

A pale powder color can make your personal kitchen has a smoother transition. It would be great if you also combine another color on it.

  • Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean is a natural bright color that will make your kitchen more interesting. This color will make your kitchen stay light and fresh as well.

  • South Beach

A kitchen needs a color that brings a peaceful. So, when you build a kitchen, you must choose the south beach color to make it always fresh.

  • White

White is a natural color which can bring a clean and the simple sensation. It may suit the kitchen that has a small space.

  • Soft Purple

Just like pink color, the soft purple also one of the cute colors that can make the kitchen become sweeter and calm. It suits for you who have a big member of the family.

  • Yellow

If you need some refreshment in your kitchen, then the bright yellow can be your best option. You can combine this color with another color that suits your taste.

  • Grey

People who love a soft color, they would take a grey color for the kitchen. Grey color will look so adorable on your kitchen wall.

  • Light Gray

If you need a comfort during the cooking time, then choose this light gray color. Light Gray has a soft and bright color, so people will not get bored in the kitchen when they are cooking.

  • Mint green

The bright kitchen paint colors which bring a natural look is mint green. This color will change your kitchen become the most comfortable place in your house.

You can choose one of the bright kitchen paint colors above to make you comfortable during in kitchen. Build your own comfort by choosing the best color of the kitchen.