5 Hot Home Decor Trends for 2018


As the year changes, the trend things are also changed and home décor trends also following the changes. There are some trends that will become so famous this year for the home design. Knowing the trend will help you to get inspired to use the home décor for your next house. It is perfect if you are currently looking for some home décor.

To help you, there are 5 styles that you can choose. You can also develop your choice as you want.

The 5 top home décor trends

We pick up the five design that will be the trend in this year. If you want to remake your house design this year, then this will be perfect for you as your inspiration.

  1. Mismatching kitchen cabinets

The first one comes to guide you playing with the color. Play it in your kitchen with other shapes. You can use two-tone themes because this is one of the decorating trends that are out this year. Many designers also have seen that this décor come stronger lately.

mismatching kitchen cabinetsYou can still set the kitchen into minimalism but still looks modern. You just need to choose the kitchen appliances or add some unique thing to make it.

  1. Heated floors

You have just heard that there is a style that focuses on the floor, the heated floor. This choice will be really awesome for you if you are living in the West. This home decorates trend 2018 will be so useful when winter comes. Even some Asian also use this for the cold months.

heated tile floorTo set the heating system, you don’t need to set it all whole floor. You can simply do it by applying it to the entryway or threshold. This is more than enough to warm your house when cold season is coming.

  1. Cozy living room

The living room design ideasThe third trend is cozy living room. The living room is the place where people will see when they are coming to your house. The cozy concept is the interior design trend 2018 because nowadays people will interest in a cozy place. A simple, modern but looks so friendly.

  1. Vintage items

Adding the vintage items in your house is also one of the trends this year. Vintage can be so luxurious that will make your room looks unique.

vintage items in your houseIf you can choose the items and the color that suits your room, it will look so amazing. It can be really simple but looks so gorgeous.

  1. Statement lighting

The last trend is statement lighting that lately the usage of it has increased. It’s more expensive nowadays because many people start to love it. There are other materials that are being used for this such as glass, metal and even bamboo.

Statement Light Fixtures for beautiful homeUse the LED to maximize the function and saving the energy. It will be a great combination if you can choose the material, the color, and the LED. You will not get the beautiful room as the home décor trend this year, but also the efficiency combination.