The Important Details of 40 Square Meter Apartment Design


You are probably wondering what you can do with 40 square meter apartment design. Well, you have to admit that 40 square isn’t exactly a spacious room to spare. If you have your own apartment, you should know how to work your way around the area so it will not only look big but also functional for your everyday needs. When you manage an apartment, you want something useful as well as cozy and homey, right?

How to Come up with 40 Square Meter Apartment Design

Again, it may require extra efforts to manage such a small space to look stylish, cozy, and homey – and not to mention simple in its own way. Remember, simple doesn’t always mean minimalistic and vice versa. When you want to come up with the right design for the small space, there are several important elements to consider and remember.

  1. No boundaries

40 Square Meter Apartment Design

Considering the small nature of the space, having minimal partition would be best. If it is possible, limit the wall partition as best as you can. If you still have to define boundaries between one room and another, feel free to use furniture or glass wall to create a stunning visual effect without making the room look even smaller and more cramped.

  1. Colors

apartment colors

Colors, when combined with other elements, can define boundaries in the most stunning way. Let’s say that you have a kitchen and a living room side by side. By placing a kitchen countertop between the two and apply different colors on those two areas, you have set the boundaries. By the different colors alone, you manage to state that this area is different from that one. If you are able to include patterns, it would be even better. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to manage 40 square meter apartment design.

Naturally, it would also be better if you can use light and bright colors for the apartment. Yes, they will be colorful, considering that each area may use different colors, but the end result doesn’t have to be tacky. For instance, you have a corner kitchen next to a living room, which is next to a bed area. If you use light gray for the kitchen, apply cream for the living room, and have a soft pale blue for the bed area, you won’t have a series of color chaos. On the contrary, you will enjoy a series of soothing and peaceful color, somehow.

  1. Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture on small apartment

You don’t have to buy the exclusive things; even a simple desk that can be transformed into a dining table should be enough to save up space. Of course, it would be better if you can have various different multifunctional furnishings for the apartment. A wardrobe that can be transformed into a bed would be nice, or a coffee table that can also be used as a working desk would be handy. But the furniture can be costly and if you can’t afford them, having the simple stuff is already helpful.

In the end, it takes creativity and a little bit of artistic sense to come up with a harmonious and balanced atmosphere, even in a small and confined space. Take a look at your apartment and work on a way to manage your personal 40 square meter apartment design that works for you.