25 Best Fireplace Wood Holder for Your Home


Having a fireplace wood holder that creates atmosphere and infuses a feeling of well being is probably the dream of all… the only problem could be the arrangement of the wood that must be careful and scrupulous until it is transformed into a perfect furnishing complement.

We are therefore ready to show you 25 best and original solutions for the realization of fireplace wood holder from elegant and at the same time special interiors. The ones we are about to show you are the ideas of furniture that range from the various types of styles going from classic to modern to Provencal style.

Genuinely original interior wood

Let’s start with a creation that involves the use of recycled materials and, in particular, of old pipes. As you can see from the photo, them to a base it is possible to create a fireplace wood holder for interiors practical and at the same time valuable from an aesthetic point of view.

If you are planning your home and are lovers of modern or minimalist design, which then translates into the choice of a modern fireplace, the fireplace wood holder will have to transform into an element that perfectly blends with the surrounding environment: So here are the beautiful solutions concealed or on the wall.

The suspended elements always give a certain degree of charm and, of a decidedly modern inspiration, here is an interior fireplace wood holder that transforms into a perfect complement of furniture.

Using the plasterboard you can choose to create a wall or a shelving specifically dedicated to the role of wood-holding, so you will always have at hand a large quantity of firewood, but still saves the aesthetics.

There are also retractable solutions that take advantage of special indentations and hidden corners, transforming them into small deposits perfect for the most diverse uses.

As an alternative to the use of plasterboard, it is possible to be the furniture and special structures specially designed: Here is a double solution in rectangular and square version, the latter much more compact.

Lovers of shabby chic furnishing style will have fun experimenting with different solutions for indoor wood, some ideas? Here are the old leather belts used to fix the ankle boots.

Here are some examples of fireplace wood holder to be drawn directly into the wall or using heights and depths that you have available.

At first glance it may seem like a shelf with a particular design and, instead, here is a wooden rack of circular shape really fantastic, perfect to insert in rustic environments.

To follow instead a really suggestive and elegant solution that involves the use of glass and fits perfectly in ultra-modern environments.

Still some wonderful solution for wood-burning interiors of shabby chic inspiration, we refer in particular to old cassettes to be fixed on the walls and a classic copper bucket to be placed in front of the chimney.