10 Best Ideas of Country Kitchen Designs


There is a style of a kitchen which is called as country kitchen designs. Have you recognized it? Greatly, it is one of the most desired kitchens of most people in this world. Why can it be like that? Do you know the reason, guys? Okay, this kind of kitchen has a warmness atmosphere and uniquely, it comes from the materials of wooden. In order to know it more, we are going to give you some great ideas. It is of course about the country kitchen designs.

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Some kinds of country kitchen designs

It is better for you to know that there are some kinds of country kitchen designs. All of them will be shared one by one in a clear description.

  • English country kitchen design

The first kind of kitchen design is famous for the serving which is warm and clean color. Besides, it is very suitable for you if you like something much which is neat and designed with white color. In addition, this English country kitchen is decorated with some floral pattern. Thus, it is very beautiful and interesting to see by everyone.

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In relation to the country kitchen designs, you should embellish the wood too. You are able to do that by painting the wooden floor using white color. It is done along the wooden cabinet in your kitchen.

On the other hand, in order to make your kitchen more like English, you are suggested to add the pattern of pastel floral. It can be used for the curtain there. Moreover, you are allowed to select that pattern which is there in the kitchen ornaments. They can be favorite cups, plate, or glass.

For the wall in this kind of kitchen, just paint it white. However, if you have a want to decorate it using wallpaper, don’t worry! It is available for you to select the white floral pattern and the soft one. It is like a combination of a green leaf and the little pink flowers.

  • French country kitchen design

In this kitchen design, you are able to add some beautiful colors in your kitchen. They can be red, yellow, or blue. Don’t forget to combine it with wood colored of the wooden cabinet.

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For the additional information, you are allowed to add more ornaments in this kind of kitchen. So, make it more beautiful and romantic to see and place!

  • Tuscan country kitchen design

Before knowing it more, you should know first about Tuscany. It is a region in the center of Italy. By the way, related to the country kitchen designs, this kind of kitchen has a very warm atmosphere. It can use brown gold color.

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When you use brown color for the wood cabinet and gold for the kitchen utensils, what does it look like? The warm atmosphere of the Italian country will be there in your kitchen.

Those three kinds of country kitchen designs can be your great information for you to beautify your kitchen. Hence, you are allowed to choose one of them which you like and want. However, don’t forget to add a wooden cabinet in designing your kitchen. Because it is the significant element in the country kitchen design.