How Much Make Drywall Shelves in the Kitchen?


If you’re wondering how much it costs to make drywall shelves in the kitchen this is the article for you. Decorate your home in an original and cheap you can just use a bit of imagination.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you want to avoid buying prefabricated furniture already that do not reflect fully to your liking, customizing and updating the kitchen with plasterboard furniture is a good idea.

What is drywall?

17 best ideas about reclaimed wood floating shelves on Rafael Home Biz with regard to drywall shelves in the kitchen How Much Make Drywall Shelves in the Kitchen?

Before you give advice on how to use it see what is drywall; is a very light material that serves to create different structures including shelves, cupboards, walls and ceilings.

In technical jargon is called “dry building system” as it is a quick and clean with whom you can share an apartment or create furniture that can replace your furniture.

Drywall consists of sheets of cardboard and plaster or stronger versions of light metal and plaster.

You can use the Sheetrock as an alternative to create customized shelves because, besides being a cheap material, requires little skill for the accommodation and supports more weight than wooden or plastic shelves.

How much does make drywall shelves in the kitchen

kitchen reveal with dark cabinets and open shelving  regarding drywall shelves in the kitchen How Much Make Drywall Shelves in the Kitchen?

Now we come to the most important point: how much does realize plasterboard shelves in the kitchen. As I said at the beginning, the drywall is not a material from very high costs.

The price of drywall without metal supports, screws and labor, is approximately 3-4, €5 per sqm for the shelves of thickness between 5 and 16 cm.

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The price of drywall per m² varies in the case of simple constructions that use prefabricated already cut and only to install: varies between €20 and €30.

The exterior gypsum board has a higher price: has the characteristic of being more resistant.

Some plaster boards have the characteristic of being fire resistant, thermal and acoustic insulation. Their cost is higher and can go up to €60 per sqm

If you decide to complete work in particular and not exactly modest cost Sheetrock I recommend you contact a cooking expert, so as to avoid damage.

How to make shelves of sheet rock in kitchen

17 best ideas about wall mounted kitchen shelves on Rafael Home Biz intended for drywall shelves in the kitchen How Much Make Drywall Shelves in the Kitchen?

If you are not very well known industry experts and not how to make drywall shelves in the kitchen, I recommend that you take the help of an expert: contact a construction company and request a quote could be the right idea.

If you adventurers and you prefer give you the “do it yourself”, I still recommend that you follow all the tutorials available on the Web that explain how to assemble, fill and paint the plasterboard shelves in the kitchen.

You can avoid many steps if prefab kits purchased plasterboard shelves that are very easy to install. It doesn’t matter if you’re not very skilled; the important thing is to know how to use levels, drill and screws.

Original ideas to make drywall shelves in the kitchen

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drywall shelves Rafael Home Biz within drywall shelves in the kitchen How Much Make Drywall Shelves in the Kitchen?

No matter what style of your kitchen, you can make your imagination run and giving drywall shelves to fit the style of the room. Here are some ideas to make drywall shelves in the kitchen.

Plasterboard shelves can be adapted to any type of furnishing, the important thing is to figure out how to arrange them and painting them.

If you have a wall just used you can install plasterboard shelves, arrange them in a staggered and of different sizes, going to create a sort of showcase for storing objects. You can close the structure through the doors if you don’t like having all items in plain sight.

Alternatively, you can build from the floor, solid and practical support plans to hold pots, plates and much more.

Using your imagination you can paint your shelves based on the style of your kitchen. For example, if you live in a house with a rustic style, you can paint with a color crayon shelf, bestow with different tiles or fragments of majolica panels in sile.

A particular type of shelves: plasterboard shelves with drawer

how to create a chalkboard kitchen backsplash Rafael Home Biz regarding drywall shelves in the kitchen How Much Make Drywall Shelves in the Kitchen?

You can choose to install a plasterboard shelves: the shelves of plasterboard with drawer. This type of structure is priced at around €20 per sqm.

Are called plasterboard shelves with drawer as they have the particularity of being hollow inside to allow the iron structure to support the shelf.

The structure and shelf are sold together and you will be very easy to install as it does not require the use of cement-based material for installation.

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If you are afraid of making a mess I recommend always refer to a cooking expert.

What is the right thickness for plasterboard shelves in the kitchen?

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When you decide to install some shelves to drywall it is important to understand what is the right thickness that plasterboard shelves in the kitchen should have.

One of the main features of plasterboard is its lightness, which is why it is widely used in construction.

The plasterboard shelves should be strong but at the same time must maintain this characteristic of lightness. I recommend you create plasterboard shelves in the kitchen with 6 to 12 cm thick ranging from.

It is important that the plasterboard shelves are characterized by a metal core: the weight of objects may deform the structure or even bring down the shelf and cause damage.

I recommend you contact a cooking expert to find out what is the appropriate thickness of plasterboard shelves for your kitchen.

Be careful: If you’re making and installing drywall shelves personally, you have to buy only female type anchors for drywall: are the most appropriate to this kind of work.

Modernize your home is always easier and more convenient now that you have discovered how much does achieve some shelves of plasterboard in the kitchen you have to buy everything you need and give free rein to your imagination.

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