DIY Play Kitchen Easy, Safe and Clean


Your children love to play cooking? Build their private kitchen using this simple DIY play kitchen.

Children love to play. Their imagination and creativity are in progress to advancing. Thus, as parents, we should provide them with the best. Sadly, a problem arises where the money to buy one from the store has been allocated to pay bills. When this kind of problem occurs, a good way to end it is to create a DIY project. A DIY project is a good run away from this type of problem because within the process, the money you would spend is less than buying a newly, fresh play kitchen sets from toy store. That happen because the materials use in this DIY project are commonly materials which you already have in the warehouse. Take a look, maybe you’ll be surprised what your warehouse has for you.

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How to Build Play Kitchen DIY Project

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This DIY play kitchen project is done with creativity, and an old nightstand. Yes, the main thing you should hold right now is an old nightstand. An old nightstand will be, magically, turned into stove section. This is how to properly do it.

  • Find an old nightstand

A new nightstand is too much to risk. Have you found an old nightstand from the warehouse? If you don’t have one, then the best solution to start this DIY Play Kitchen project is to crawl up to online trading website where you can find secondhand nightstand with very affordable price such as or Craigslist. Those two are just a recommendation; in fact there are more than just two which provide secondhand nightstand with a cheap price and still in a pretty good condition.

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  • Removing

After you have the old nightstand, it’s time to remove the bottom legs. Removing the bottom legs only if it’s too high for your children, since the stove must be a waist height. After the bottom legs are removed, it’s now the time to placed wood straps to left and right sides, as well as the back side. Remember to attach them strongly. And then paint them with color your children prefer the most, or white to be neutral.

  • Dog bowl faucet and wooden plaques stoves diy play kitchen

So now the old nightstand has been painted white. The next thing you need to accomplish is the stoves and the little faucet beside them. To make the faucet, you need a stainless steel dog bowl which you can get for approximately $7 only. For the small stoves, you can use wooden plaques or any safe plaques in general and paint them black or grey like the real burners or stoves.

  • The last part is to create the cabinet door
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Or if you don’t fancy door, and to add a little more cuteness to the project, you can put a fabric to cover up the front size as the curtain, let’s say. The curtain is attached using hooks or even glue, whichever work the best. So, that was how you make a DIY play kitchen in an affordable budget, yet still make your children play happily.

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